"Forcible Touching Incident" in Collegetown

If you’re a current member of Cornell’s community, you probably received a CU Crime Alert Email Monday night regarding a “forcible touching incident.” If not, I’ve pasted it below:

“Cornell University Police has been advised that the Ithaca Police Department is investigating a reported forcible touching incident that occurred sometime this past weekend (Sept. 5-6) in the approximate area of the 300 block of College Avenue. The incident was reported to the Cornell University Police Monday afternoon, Sept. 7. The details of the incident are still being investigated, and suspect information is still being developed.”

Diagnosing Cornell's Security Breach

At the present moment, Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) is slightly embarrassed to be dealing with a leak involving the personal records of 45,000 members of the Cornell community. Just slightly. Sadly, the pattern of how this breach happened is a common one seen in similar leaks. Some employee downloads highly sensitive data to an unsecured […]

Cornell News: Holocaust Memorial on the Arts Quad

If you wander the arts quad today, you’ll see the patch of grass to the left of A.D. White covered in small flags. The display was created in remembrance of the Holocaust, with each flag representing 4,000 killed through the genocide. The flags are not only representative of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, but are also in memory of any minorities that suffered at the hands of the Nazis, including homosexuals and the mentally challenged. Each maligned group is represented by a different colored flag (e.g. Yellow flags represent Jewish victims)

SunShine: An Introduction

Welcome to SunShine, the blog of The Cornell Daily Sun News Department.

SunShine is the online voice of the News Department. Conceived as a supplement to the news articles found in our print edition, SunShine provides news stories, videos, as well as our own take on issues local, national and global.

SunShine will be updated daily, providing up-to-the-minute information on the latest major events at Cornell.

This is only the beginning, so stay with us as we grow.

Cornell Days may be over, but enjoy SunShine.