Spinning Singles: Beyoncé, “Formation”

People were shocked when Beyoncé dropped her new music video, “Formation,” the day before The Super Bowl. Since then, I have had so many discussions about this song with so many people. Some say it is entirely overrated, while others gush about how empowering it is. I fall somewhere in between. I love the fact that “Formation” is unapologetically black and makes references to black culture that are entirely missed by non-black audiences.

SCAZZERO | A Battle of Two Eras

This article is going to run after the Super Bowl has already been played and won, but it would seem wrong to write about anything that was not Super Bowl-related on Super Bowl weekend. And no matter the outcome this past Sunday — as it will prove historic for whichever team and quarterback wins — the impressiveness of the matchup between the two quarterbacks remains. One of the big things that everyone keeps bringing up regarding Sunday’s Super Bowl is how it is a shame to see two great quarterbacks finally play against each other but at almost opposite points of the spectrum in their careers. Cam Newton is on the rise, while Peyton Manning is probably playing in the last Super Bowl of his career. Though the two will not actually have a face-to-face showdown — because that’s how football works — it will still be a cross-generational battle of sorts.

LEWIS | The Fate Theory

What are you guys more excited for? The release of Kanye’s Waves in the upcoming weeks, or Sunday’s Super Bowl 50? The correct answer is Waves, but I’ll forgive you for saying the Super Bowl. That should be pretty awesome too. In light of the biggest sport event of the year, I think it’s the appropriate time to unveil the biggest sport’s theory of all time, philosophized by yours truly.

SCAZZERO | Super Bowl About Much More Than Just Football

Even the most artsy, indie, sports-hating recluse would be aware that one of the most beloved sporting events in America is coming up. I am, of course, talking about the Super Bowl. It’s a huge staple in American culture and has become such a spectacle that it’s almost not even about the football anymore. It is about the football to some degree, obviously, but the main draw doesn’t seem to be loyalty for the two teams playing. If you’re a fan of a team that isn’t even in the game, do you honestly care about which team wins?