LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni respond to hazing allegations against on-campus group

To the Editor:

On April 25, Cornell released its findings on allegations of hazing by members of Cayuga’s Waiters, Cornell’s oldest all-male a cappella group. The 321-member Waiter alumni community are appalled by the incidents described in the findings. Until these allegations were leveled, hazing was never part of Cayuga’s Waiters culture. Waiter alumni stand with Cornell in condemning hazing unequivocally. Neither the on-campus group nor alumni dispute the finding that former members introduced hazing to Cayuga’s Waiters.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Psi Upsilon Has Been Punished Enough

To the Editor:

On May 25, The Sun reported that Cornell University has expelled the Psi Upsilon fraternity for three years effective immediately, as a result of two recent incidents. I believe this action represents the culmination of an abusive campaign the University has conducted against the fraternity following the alleged sexual assault at the fraternity this past January. This summary executive action follows shortly on the heels of a Review Board’s determination that Psi Upsilon should be permitted to remain at Cornell and exonerating Psi Upsilon from any responsibility for the alleged assault. This arbitrary action imperils the independence and undermines the autonomy of every student group at Cornell. On a more personal note, it unfairly punishes the members of Psi U and their families. While the difficulty of the position the University found itself in dealing with alleged assault is not to be underestimated, enough is enough of this matter as far as the fraternity itself is concerned. The University should rescind the May 25 letter, adopt the findings of the Review Board and close the book on this matter.

Psi Upsilon Suspended Following Alleged Sexual Assault

Psi Upsilon fraternity — the site of a sexual assault that reportedly occurred Sunday morning — has been placed on interim suspension, the office of fraternities, sororities and independent living announced Monday in a statement. Aside from operation of its residence, the fraternity has been suspended effective Monday from all chapter operations and activities. The University previously suspended Psi Upsilon’s social and new member education activities in January 2015 after an alleged incident involving alcohol and illicit substances. Previously, Psi Upsilon faced a year of judicial probation and a month of social probation after the chapter was found in violation of the University’s Anti-Hazing Policy in the spring of 2011. In the summer of 2008, Psi Upsilon’s alumni board deactivated the chapter over concerns regarding fraternity members’ safety.

Pacman Jones Suspended For 2007

It was a long time coming, but it finally happened on April 10: Pacman Jones was suspended for the 2007 NFL season for his ongoing off-the-field issues. Chris Henry was also suspended eight games.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote letters to Jones and Henry, explaining his decision.