GUEST ROOM | It’s Time to Stop Buying Bottled Water

When I moved to Cornell, I opted not to drink the tap water out of habit. Since learning of the excellent water quality here, however, I have refrained from purchasing single-use disposable water bottles. Moving to Cornell is a chance for people like me — and the other 15,000 undergraduate students — to change their behavior. It’s a chance for us to switch on the tap. If you’re an undergraduate: Safe, clean tap water is mere moments away from your dorm room.

The Science Behind Cornell’s New Sustainable Energy Initiative: Earth Source Heat

On June 20, the Cornell Borehole Observatory began drilling into the Earth. Their goal is to reach a deep depth where there is natural heat sufficient to heat all of campus.

With a limited supply of fossil fuels, the University has explored alternative energy options. In 2009, the University set its sights on using Earth Source Heat, a sustainable type of geothermal heat that rests deep underground, to heat the campus.