Mandarin Season

If this season has one single redeeming quality, it is this: the mandarin.

The Florida Project: Welcome to Moonee’s Magic Kingdom

The world was a much simpler place when we were six. Our imaginations ran free. Six-year-olds can find beauty and excitement anywhere, and make any setting their personal playground. It is fun to be reminded how happy the littlest things could make us when we were younger. The Florida Project gives us that opportunity by welcoming us to Moonee’s world.

Fresh-Squeezed Fierceness: Tangerine at Cornell Cinema


Tangerine — a 2015 release from writer/director duo Sean S. Baker and Chris Bergoch — chronicles the actions of people who feel trapped. The movie focuses on two transsexual prostitutes and best friends: Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor). At the start of the movie, both women set off on quests. Sin-Dee is hell-bent on finding the woman with whom her fiancé and pimp, Chester (James Ransone), cheated on her while she was in prison for 28 days. Alexandra nonchalantly hands out fliers for her Christmas Eve gig to friends and clients (though, with each little blue paper, the feeling that no one’s going to show grows stronger).