Tea: The Key to a Healthy Brain & Healthy Body

There are a few things humans need for survival: food, water, air and shelter. As college students, we need one extra component: caffeine. Keeping up with the rigorous environment and demanding workload, sleep seems a luxurious activity to partake in. With students spending more nights at the library than in their own rooms, Cornell’s campus is bustling with students day and night. At any study space on campus, you can find scores of students with airpods in, eyes glued to laptop screens and giant cups to drink from.

U Tea: Delicious Drinks and Games Galore

Between good service, reasonable wait times and a simple and unique menu, U Tea is off to a promising start, and I can’t wait to try the rest of its menu.

Your Kombucha Questions Answered

If you’re obsessed with kombucha like I am, your habit could become an expensive one, considering each bottle ranges from $3-5. Instead of purchasing kombucha at high prices, try brewing your own at home! Brewing kombucha is quite simple and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Tea Eggs: This Household Delight Will Brighten up Your Lunar New Year

Almost all Cornell students have stumbled into Okenshields during lunch, when they serve tea eggs. As most students probably enjoy munching down on those brown, savory eggs, I am here to share a family tea egg recipe so you can relish the taste of tea eggs at your own leisure.

‘Tea Party’ Protests Gov’t Taxes

The commotion around the Commons yesterday was not a last-minute rush to mail tax returns. Instead, the small crowd of activists that assembled on the corner of E. State Street and Seneca Street had gathered to protest federal government taxation policies that, according to the organizer’s event invitations, constitute “willful, deliberate and recklessly irresponsible fiscal behavior.”

The Super Powers of Green Tea

1:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 9:30 PM. I dig through my bottomless pit of a snack drawer and yank out a small bag filled with super powers. I pull out a mug with a picture of my puppy plastered on its side and fill it to the brim with steaming hot water. When I drop the little bag into the mug, a burst of bright green diffuses throughout. A small drizzle of honey and I’m good to go.