GUEST ROOM | Go Easy on Ted Cruz

I know what you’re thinking. “Go easy on Ted Cruz? I hate him! And now, since you suggested that, I also hate you.” Reasonable enough, but remember, that’s the exact kind of knee-jerk reaction you’d expect from someone like Cruz himself. If you, unlike Cruz, believe in keeping an open mind, you should hear me out.

HARDIN | Ted Cruz Is Not the Zodiac Killer, Probably

The name Zodiac Killer refers to the still-unidentified serial killer responsible for the deaths of anywhere between five and 37 people in northern California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The nickname comes from a series of threatening letters sent to local newspapers during this time period. To this day, the identity of the Zodiac Killer has not been confirmed, and the case remains open in several cities. This election cycle, a rumor has been circulating around the Internet that presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and the unnamed Zodiac Killer are in fact the same person. The meme was spawned on Twitter and has since generated an incredible amount of traffic on its Facebook page and other forms of social media.

DAVIES | Associate Justice Ted Cruz

Mere hours after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead two weeks ago, the Washington machine was alight. The two parties were mudslinging in the halls of Congress, with Republicans vowing to reject any Obama-nominated replacement and Democrats excoriating them for such barefaced politics. Around the country, public sector unions and women, among others, rejoiced at their salvation — Scalia’s death dissolved the Court’s conservative majority. As the Supreme Court considers cases involving religious freedom, state marijuana laws and legislative districting rules (which could have large effects on parties’ electoral strength in some states), conservatives have lost control at a precipitous moment. The aforementioned unions are watching Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a First Amendment case which, if the Ninth Circuit’s decision is upheld, would imperil public unions’ funding.

GOD’S OLD PARTY | Why do Christians Support Ted Cruz?

What a race it’s been for both parties. Ted Cruz won Iowa with 27.6 percent of all votes. According to the CNN entrance poll, 34 percent of self-identified evangelicals voted for Cruz, 22 percent voted for Trump and 21 percent voted for Rubio. Donald Trump won New Hampshire with 35.3 percent of all votes. CNN’s exit poll shows that 27 percent of self-identified evangelicals voted for Trump, 23 percent voted for Cruz and 13 percent voted for Rubio.