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Thanksgiving, I Only Have “Pies” For You

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a delicious, mouth-watering apple pie? To prepare for this feast, instead of wrapping your head around how to carve a turkey, follow these basic steps to create an apple pie that will certainly not disappoint. This recipe was adapted from my dear family friend, Maggie, who is a modern Betty Crocker. Each year when my family and I visit her beautiful summer house in Long Beach Island, I always look forward to making this pie with her.

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Recipes for a Mindful, Plant-Based and Delicious Thanksgiving

Does “vegan Thanksgiving” sound like an oxymoron? To many in America, it might be a completely novel idea. But for me, a vegan Thanksgiving is normal, as I have eaten a plant-based diet (a term for a diet consisting of foods derived from plants, with no animal products whatsoever) for the past 10 years.

Vegetable Crudite

What is Thanksgiving Without Turkey?

While food is often what brings us all together, it’s the company and people you surround yourself with that leads to extended trips, family yoga classes, snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie or sticking around for breakfast the day after.

DUGGAL | The Struggle of Giving Thanks

This year was the first year I headed home for Thanksgiving. Most of campus tends to clear out the week of Thanksgiving Break, and usually, I am just another immigrant millennial headed to one of their American friends’ homes to gobble down some turkey and stuffing (and chocolate covered strawberries if I get lucky). This year, however, the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services decided to come in clutch and schedule my citizenship test the week after Thanksgiving. I was headed home to the aggressively Southern state of Texas to take my citizenship test, and spend some quality time giving thanks with my parents in the process. The idea of family bonding is not lost on my family.

POOR | Spotlighting Lacrosse and Sovereignty

Human civilization has existed in the Ithaca area for over 13,000 years. Long before A. D. White, Ezra Cornell or any of the European colonizers, the lands surrounding Cayuga’s waters were settled by the Cayuga people and the larger Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Centuries of imperial conquest, genocide and systematic degradation of indigenous culture decimated the original populations of North America, resulting in the seizure of land for the new colonial entity. As professors, activists and historians have pointed out, Cornell University is founded upon these stolen lands. While much of the discourse surrounding forcible land acquisition by the European colonizers situates conquests in the past, the vestiges of imperialism continue to unfold today.

M. Icers Battle Back for Split at North Dakota

A recent trend for the men’s hockey team has been to give up a few too many goals in highly-anticipated non-conference contests over Thanksgiving break, as the Red fell to Boston University in Madison Square Garden last year, 6-3. At unranked North Dakota this break, No. 12 Cornell suffered another Thanksgiving rout on Friday, 7-3, but came back to win the next day, 2-1.
“It was very similar to [Boston University], even in the score,” said senior forward Evan Barlow. “Madison Square Garden … seemed to go by really fast, and it was the same with Game 1 [at North Dakota]. We had a chance to settle in in Game 2, and it would probably have been the same if we played Boston University [a second time].”’