ONONYE | Dating Shows: A Chance for Communal Entertainment

Watching dating shows is a communal experience. You watch them with your family, your friends, your weekly viewing party, your Twitter and Instagram followers. These shows create a cult-like community culture in the same way that football games and “Euphoria” do.

QUE | Is That Funny?

When you are not Chinese or of East Asian descent, you probably don’t understand or haven’t experienced firsthand the political implications of this health crisis, so think twice when you are about to make a distasteful joke.

COLLINS | Humane Monsters and Monstrous Humans

Following Guillermo del Toro’s Best Director win at the Oscars last week, graphics creator La Botica Gráfica posted a GIF celebrating his victory on social media. Something about the Gif captivated me. A cartoon Guillermo Del Toro slowly pivots, hoisting his trophy in front of an unseen crowd. But I was charmed by the characters in the background. Behind del Toro, a sampling of the creatures and monsters that he’s spent his career creating cheer for him.

The Characters: Experimental, if Inconsistent

What happens when you give comedians free reign for a 30-minute special? Utter absurdity. At least, that’s what the Netflix comedy special, The Characters, would suggest. The avant-garde experiment features eight lesser-known comedians who write and star in a 30-minute episode completely under their own creative control. The big twist?