Weekends at Moosewood

Once I tried the brunch, it was a game changer; I have to hold myself back from going every weekend. This October, I tried their lunch for the first time. For the sake of journalism, I forced myself to review their vegan options to help you all decide whether to go to Moosewood for a special lunch, brunch or both.

City Officially Recognizes MLK Jr. Street Name

The dual designation of State Street as Martin Luther King Jr. Street was made official yesterday.
About 200 people watched and cheered as the first street sign for Martin Luther King Jr. Street was revealed at about 9 a.m.. The ceremony was one of the highlights of the annual Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Ithaca.
Property owners can choose to retain their State Street mailing address or adopt a new Martin Luther King Jr. Street address. Unless they requested a change of address through the Ithaca Fire Department, mailing addresses will remain unchanged.

Commons Bar Plays Host to Politics

The music was turned off at Benchwarmers Bar on the Commons; the volume on the television sets was raised, and all eyes turned up to look as Tom Brokaw, the moderator of the second presidential debate, introduced Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).
As the debate began, activity around the pool table died down. Conversation at the bar was kept at a minimum. Those seated at tables neglected their food and drink to crane their necks up at the televisions above them. Bartenders and waiters took extended pauses to watch as the two presidential candidates discussed the economic situation.