Nate Shinagawa ’05 Vies for Legislature Seat Following Residency Switch

After representing the fourth district for 10 years in the Tompkins County Legislature, Nate Shinagawa ’05 announced on Sept. 16 his resignation and his residence switch, which would allow him to run for an open seat representing the second district. Shinagawa, the Democratic candidate,  faces independent opponent Anna Kelles to represent the Fall Creek community, where he has owned property since 2011 and moved to recently. “I’ve wanted to move [to Fall Creek] for a long time,” he said. “I recently got married and decided that it would be a good time to move with my wife.

Local Activist Anna Kelles to Draw on Community Organizing Past if Elected to Legislature

Local Ithaca resident and activist Anna Kelles is running as an independent candidate to represent the second district in the Tompkins County Legislature. The Fall Creek district includes parts of North Campus and lower Collegetown and is home to many students and affiliates of the University. Kelles will run against Democratic candidate Nate Shinagawa ’05, who resigned from his position representing the fourth district in the Tompkins County Legislature so he could run to represent the second district. According to Kelles, it is important to create policies which encourage landowners to update their properties, as it would create affordable and livable conditions for students and residents of Ithaca. “Having someone in office that understands that people need a home and people need a certain quality of life, [and] that anytime I have an opportunity to update policies to do that I always will,” Kelles said.