Chalk talk

Sen. Bill Bradley (Dem-N.J.) and Hon. Ken Dryden ’70 participated in a panel discussion titled “Lives on the Run: Sports, Service and Leadership” last night in Bailey Hall

They used to call me Piggy!

A severed pig’s head was left on a stake in front of McGraw Hall on the Arts Quad Wednesday evening. An accompanying sign read “MAYBE IT’S THE BEAST. MAYBE IT’S JUST US…”

Secret weapon

Senior wide receiver Horatio Blackman (81), at 6-3 and 188 pounds, finished second on the team in 2008 with 14.6 yards per catch.

Take Note

Incoming freshmen stand in line in front of Clara Dickson Hall to obtain their room keys last Friday. The hall’s notice board displays much information about H1N1.

Over there

The Philosopher Kings, a documentary about custodians from universities around the country, starred two Cornell custodians: Jim Evener (left) and Gary Napieracz (second from left). The film was screened in Bailey Hall yesterday.