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GUEST ROOM | House Candidate Mitrano ’95 Describes Platform, Students Voting

My name is Tracy Mitrano. I am the Democratic challenger running for Congress in New York’s 23rd District against Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY). I write to urge every Cornellian to take the midterm elections seriously. If and how you vote on November 6 could well determine the kind of society and political culture that will shape your lives for decades to come. Running for political office takes grit, determination, clear vision and, most of all, strong personal values.


WU | Tracy Mitrano’s Sweet Nothings

Most Cornellians graduate in four years. Tom Reed (R-NY), who represents New York’s 23rd district (including Ithaca), has been in office for twice that. But you wouldn’t know from the jeering Ithacans filling his town halls. Suffice it to say readers of The Cornell Daily Sun are far from Reed’s core constituency. And yet Cornell, as with Ithaca at large, is a blue speck amid a red sea.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | In support of Tracy Mitrano for Congress

To the Editor: 

Tracy Mitrano for Congress

“America can no longer afford to keep playing partisan politics. We need problem solvers not partisan hacks to ‘Break the Gridlock’ in Washington.”

This is one of Tom Reed’s favorite lines, as he points to his role on the so-called Problem Solvers Caucus, comprised of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. But for Tom Reed the caucus is a smokescreen. He says he is “standing for our values” but then he votes against them. Just look at how he voted for the tax scam that really only benefits the wealthiest 5%, supported various other measures that gut health care, and continued to support Big Oil when there is overwhelming evidence that fossil fuels are contributing to global warming and the increasing instability of the planet.