STANTON | TV Auteurs and the Silver Screen


In 2013, Steven Soderbergh retired from filmmaking. The news came as both a shock to many, as the then 50 year-old — a relative youngster amongst established Hollywood directors — had just completed a prolific hot streak that saw the release of four well-received films (Contagion, Haywire, Magic Mike and Side Effects) in the span of two years. A critically lauded wunderkind, Soderbergh has earned a unique respect over the years for his technical mastery in all aspects of filmmaking. Equally talented as a cinematographer, writer, producer and director, Soderbergh famously competed against himself for the Best Director statue at the Oscars in 2000 (his work on Traffic won out over Erin Brockovich). As the textbook example of a visionary filmmaker in modern Hollywood, what does Soderbergh’s departure suggest for the changing shape of the industry?