The “Gig” is Up: Uber Drivers Consider Other Options as Gas Prices Rise

As gas prices rise in response to international conflict, Uber drivers in Tompkins County have found their jobs less profitable — if they make a profit at all. Despite Uber policies designed to counteract the rising costs of driving, many drivers are considering leaving for other professions.

Former Google VP Amit Singhal Ph.D. ’96 Received $15 Million Parachute Despite Claims of Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Reveals

Google agreed to pay $15 million to Amitabh Singhal Ph.D. ’96, a former senior vice president in charge of its search engine, as part of an agreement reached when Singhal resigned from the company in 2016 following accusations of sexual harassment against him, a lawsuit unsealed in early March revealed, according to The Wall Street Journal.

DUGGAL | Technologically Shook

I have hit the point in the semester where I could not bring myself to care less about things even if I tried. I thought I hit that point two weeks ago; unfortunately, I was wrong, and here I am, eating ice cream out of a tub in the middle of Klarman Atrium. I can feel even the statues frowning at my life decisions. Two weeks ago, I wrote a horrific column on something related to technology and how people make it out to be worse than it is and why that was a narrow way to look at a complex topic, especially one that is not going anywhere just by having us wish it away. Quite frankly, I hated it, and I would like to apologize to anyone who’s eyes might have perused those particular set of words.

Ithacans Petition for Uber’s Entry to Upstate N.Y.

Although ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have been restricted from New York State due to the New York State Insurance Law, nearly 2,000 people have signed an online petition pushing to pass a bill that would allow ridesharing services to operate in upstate New York. Although similar action has failed previously, upstate New Yorkers and Uber are both pushing hard to pass New York State Legislative Bill A6090, which would establish, regulate and provide proper insurance for transportation network companies and drivers, according to the New York State Assembly. Currently, ride-sharing services in New York state are only allowed to operate in New York City and the surrounding area. Ithaca officials are not against Uber coming to the area as long as state or local regulations ensure inspections and insurance on drivers and vehicles, according to city clerk Julie Holcomb. “We believe that people should have a choice of transportation providers,” Holcomb said.