GUEST ROOM | You Must Raise Awareness of the Uyghur Genocide

Cornell, how can you justify having a program in Beijing? How can you justify not addressing the 40 Chinese Cornell students booing NurMuhammed? Her freedom of expression is at risk. I’m glad we have the Ukraine flag up in Klarman; now we must also recognize the Uyghur genocide with the same compassion and visible support.

GUEST ROOM | Russia is Home I’ve Lost

It’s never been easy to be from Russia. Okay, it actually was for a while. The 90s were a tumultuous time, but I was a kid. And the 2000s, when I was learning to think, were a decade of prosperity compared to before (or after). If I talked to foreigners, we mostly joked about bears and balalaika (but it is no joke that some actually believed I had a pet bear that I rode to school).

Ukraine: The Modern Munich Moment

The West’s weakness is what enabled Putin to realize his imperial project. His goal is to bring Russia to the so-called “former glory” of the Soviet Union, which he sees only in terms of military power.