The Rise of ‘Among Us’

Considering the addictive quality and immersive fun of Among Us, it is evident that this game’s popularity may be a reflection of everyone’s need to destress and forget about the world for a few hours.

Student Game ‘Family Style’ Finds Success

The seven alumni started their journey here in Ithaca, but through a social media campaign, a stroke of luck and a motto of “keep fighting,” they created a video game with devoted fans around the world.

Review: Sins of a Solar Empire

Horrendous Performance with Gigabyte's RAID

It’s well known that software RAID solutions are noticeably slower than hardware ones. Still, when I built my PC last year, I chose to use the onboard G-RAID anyway assuming that at least it was better than nothing. I wasn’t expecting the performance to be so horrendous.

Review: Razer Destructor Mousepad

Most gamers don’t think of their mouse pad as a key ingredient for success. Hardcore gamers know better, though. The Destructor is a firm pad with a hard, [img_assist|nid=34064|title=Building a better mousepad|desc=The Destructor, Razer’s latest model of mousepad.|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]low-friction coating on the top and a soft rubber coating on the bottom. It is my third gaming mousepad, replacing my previous Razer eXactMat. This one even comes with its own carrying sleeve, which helps it give off that ‘high-end’ feel.

Virtual Reality? Speculation on Sex, Divorce and Cyberspace

“It’s only a game”. Or is it? The discussion of the line between virtual and real has reopened now that a British couple is filing for divorce because of possible cyber-adultery.

Amy Taylor and Dave Pollard are both players of the virtual world aptly named “Second Life”, a virtual game world where people can create avatars and do day-to-day activities like hanging out with friends and attending concerts. She is 28. He is 40. Both are disabled. They met in a chat room in 2003 and were married in 2005, first in a lavish, tropical ceremony in “Second Life” itself and then in a registry office.