FOX | Four Long Years

Well, that was weird. 

At the end of this semester, I will graduate –– four years of hard work and good times and everything else we love to call college. For many or most of us, these were our most formative years to date. And this was our president. 

My parents experienced college under the leadership of George H. W. Bush. Others had Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. It is of course worth noting that the Republican Party has been run for decades by grifters hellbent on squeezing America’s poor to enrich the already-wealthy, to the detriment of the economy as a whole.

GUEST ROOM | ‘I’m Praying that My Vote is Counted’ — Voting Struggles Rob Students of Agency

Two and a half weeks before the Nov. 3 general election, my sister, Natalie Sullivan Baker ’22, mailed her absentee ballot request 450 miles to Lucas County, Ohio, where she’s registered to vote. By Tuesday, October 27, she was nervous. Her request had still not been logged by the county’s ballot tracking website, so she called the Lucas County Board of Elections to check the status of her ballot. She texted me immediately afterward: “She said the mail is really slow, so I have to drop it off.