Obama's Rookie Mistake on Healthcare

President Barack Obama made health reform a pillar of his campaign and he has issued some broad guidelines as to how he might proceed. In a surprising moment of specificity, however, President Obama made a statement regarding a specific policy he might like to implement. This policy entails third-party billing for veterans’ healthcare. This is common practice for conditions unrelated to military service, but now President Obama is considering allowing the VA to bill third-party, private insurers for services resulting from injuries received as a result of combat.

Officers Take Time to Remember War Veterans

­­Amidst the backdrop of the West Campus World War I Memorial yesterday, retired U.S. Navy Captain James Nault discussed the past and present service of veterans from Cornell in honor of Veterans Day.
Veterans Day — which was originally called Armistice Day to celebrate veterans of World War I — was changed to Veterans Day to celebrate all veterans who fought since then. It is commemorated every year on Nov. 11.