JONES | The Price of Honesty for Cornellians

Last Spring, a graduating senior from my former high school in Los Angeles reached out to me for advice. He was torn between two college choices: University of California, Los Angeles and Cornell. He told me that as a California resident, he most fears the difficult adjustment  to Cornell’s frigid winters. When he asked me about my experience, I told him, truthfully, that I still have trouble with Ithaca’s cold weather and went on to discuss Cornell’s other pros and cons. He ended up picking UCLA.

Under Heavy Snow Forecast, University Mum on Class Cancellation

As students trek back to campus after Thanksgiving Break, Cornell’s Ithaca campus is under a Winter Storm Watch from Sunday until Monday night. Approximately eight to 12 inches of snow are expected to hit Ithaca starting Sunday morning. Multiple transportation services have made inclement weather changes for weekend travelers. The company OurBus canceled all its Sunday trips to Ithaca and added additional Saturday trips, according to Coach USA’s Shortline Ithaca Platinum service rescheduled all Sunday departures to leave between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Other Shortline buses leaving from New York City on Sunday will only operate between 8 a.m. to 10:15 a.m, according to the service’s website.

TCAT Readies to Handle Winter Storm Conditions

With winding roads and slippery slopes on campus, Ithaca street conditions can become increasingly risky in the winter. When it’s difficult for students to drive — or even “penguin walk” — to class, the TCAT buses try to take extra precautions to ensure passenger safety.