Slope Accident Victim May Sue

The Cornell lecturer who was struck last semester by a weight that rolled down Libe Slope in a wrestling team practice gone awry is considering a lawsuit against the University, yet Cornell maintains she does not have standing to sue, according to her attorney.
Joanna Luks, who is still out on medical leave, suffered multiple serious injuries as a result of the accident on Oct. 9.
The incident occurred after members of the wrestling team dropped a rubber plate they had been using during an exercise on Libe Slope. The 45-pound weight rolled down the Slope and across West Avenue. It struck Luks, who was walking down Baker Staircase, and knocked her down the stairs, according to The Sun’s archives. She was later airlifted to Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira.

The Freshman 15

The little orange pack of crunchy noodles glares at me. I sigh and succumb to the ugly food I’m about to put in my body. Ugh, college. There is just some moments where I have to put my forkful of dignity down and dwell in the bottom of my lowly bowl of ramen. After all, it’s really cold outside and this “soup” is really warm. Out of a moment of pure laziness, I pour the packet of preservatives into the steaming microwaved noodles and crawl into bed to write ¬reconciliation for this dreadful act to the great world of foodies.