SMITH | Feeling the Burn(out)

I don’t feel entirely left behind by the administration. After a class did poorly on a prelim one of my professors is looking into changing how the class functions a little to address what might be lacking. My academic advisor reached out to see how the semester was going and if I needed anything. However, the thing I need is something they can’t give me, or at least have decided they won’t give me. More than anything I need a BREAK and the scary part is . . . a break isn’t really coming.

EPSTEIN | Your Brain on Meditation: Take a Break to Reset

There is more than one way to find calmness and relaxations on this semester’s first Wellness Days. If you’re swamped with work and studying, especially in preparation of this upcoming round of prelims, consider trying meditation. Not only does Cornell offer a ton of online resources to help you learn on your own, there are also guided meditation sessions over Zoom.