BERNSTEIN | Bring Back the Willard Straight Popcorn

et it was never just the snack that made the days of the students in Willard Straight. It was also the brief conversation with a stranger, either someone waiting in line alongside you, or the person serving you your popcorn, fit with toppings galore. There was a kindness and unity felt through the shared experience of bonding over free popcorn. Students long for this sort of camaraderie and simple pleasure.

MEIDENBAUER | The Magic of the Cornell Cinema

In the basement of Willard Straight there’s a little movie theater. It’s clearly old, the seats are well worn and squeaky. The fading paint on the walls has several famous quotes, most of which I can’t quite recognize, except for Shakespeare and one in Latin. The lights are a fading yellow dim, in a way that would be creepy if it didn’t match the rest of the place so well.  There’s something compelling about the quaint little theater; it’s one of those hidden gems of Cornell. 

As a senior only a month and a half from graduating, I knew we had a cinema, but I had never actually been before this semester. I just never had a reason to go, and so I never actually took advantage of the opportunity.