CHASEN | Why Cornellians Should (Not) Watch the 2022 World Cup

Obviously, the decision of whether to watch or not watch the 2022 World Cup is up to each and every individual. The World Cup is a big part of any soccer fan’s life, but it is impossible to ignore the alarming, unique circumstances surrounding this year’s tournament. In fact, despite the pleas of reporters and human rights groups, the uncomfortable truth is that many people across the world will likely watch and enjoy the 2022 World Cup, despite the circumstances that led up to it.

LEVIN | Sit This World Cup Out

As citizens of the world, Cornellians love the most popular global sport: soccer. Some of our first memories are on the field. I started playing aged four and grew up dribbling past opponents, tackling heavy-set forwards and scoring to the applause of my family on the sidelines. At a time of great polarization in America and abroad, the beautiful game, as it’s called, unites us, but we also need to recognize when the principles of sportsmanship are ignored for greed — that is my concern with the Qatar World Cup, which opened on Nov. 20.