Deadpool Electrifies the Marvel Universe

Deadpool has electrified Marvel fans since the film’s announcement. The wisecracking “Merc with a Mouth” — whose real name is Wade Wilson — unprecedentedly secured a movie all to himself, despite his relatively narrow fan base and lackluster appearance in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film actually uses these original failures to its advantage. In Deadpool, the fourth wall is broken numerous times in an attempt  to poke fun at Origin’s missteps and to give the antihero Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) a history with audiences, eliminating the need for any previous knowledge of his character. In fact, Deadpool might be Marvel’s most skillfully told origin story yet.

DOOLITTLE | From X-Men to R-Men: Do Superheroes Need to Be Bad?

If you happened to see a movie over the break, it probably wasn’t Zoolander 2 or Kung Fu Panda 3. Why? Because those movies weren’t rated R, of course. Those movies aren’t edgy or cool. Audiences need gritty, dirty, violent, sexy movies that break the fourth wall — movies like Deadpool — to really get the dopamine flowing.