EDITATION | The Yoga of College Life

Life can begin to feel like a dull routine, especially in an educational institution. You go to the same classes day after day, talk to the same people, eat the same food, etc. This repetitive lifestyle can get boring and depressing. On the other hand, each day is a new beginning. Today is the most important day of your life – because it’s today!

The Intersection of Yoga and Sports

The benefits that drip from the cornucopia of yoga are abundant. The practice focuses on strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, core and stability. Although it does require supplementary cardio training and should not be practiced on its own for all exercise, it still reaps a concentration of really important skills and abilities. Because of the focus on stretching, yoga helps protect the body and prevent injuries. Conversely, it can also help athletes (or anyone) in their process of recovering from injuries.