Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire was stabbed by Olin Hall on Aug. 28.

Ithaca College student Anthony Nazaire was stabbed by Olin Hall on Aug. 28.

August 28, 2016

Ithaca College Student Dead After Stabbing at Cornell Sunday Morning

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This post has been updated. 

The Ithaca Police Department is opening a homicide investigation after one of two Ithaca College students stabbed on the Cornell campus was pronounced dead at Cayuga Medical Center.

Family members identified Anthony Nazaire, 19, as the Ithaca College student who was killed. The second student, who was injured but survived, has not yet been identified.

Cornell Police found the two men stabbed in front of Olin Hall, while responding to a report of a large fight at approximately 1:57 a.m. on Sunday. After arriving at the scene, first responders began medical treatment and later located the weapon and secured the area.

Nazaire was transported to Cayuga Medical Center for “treatment of serious injuries.” He was later pronounced dead, according to the Ithaca Police Department. The other was flown to Upstate Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries and later released.

“A homicide investigation is currently underway,” a release from IPD states. “The Ithaca Police Department is leading a team of several local law enforcement agencies who are engaged in the investigation.”

According to IPD, the New York State Police Forensic Identification Unit is processing the crime scene and witness interviews are underway.

Police are continuing to investigate this incident and “attempting to obtain detailed suspect information,” according to a CUPD crime alert sent to Cornell students at approximately 3 a.m. Police ask that anyone with information about the crime contact the Ithaca Police Department.

Nazaire was entering his sophomore year at Ithaca College and had just returned from a summer spent working on Coney Island, his cousin Channelle Nazaire told The Ithaca Voice. The victim lived with his family in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.  He is survived by his parents and three younger siblings.

An updated release from the Ithaca Police Department on Sunday afternoon revealed that the stabbing took place after the conclusion of an event at Willard Straight Hall hosted by Omega Psi Phi called O-Week Turnup: Workqowt edition.

Several altercations broke out as students left the hall, and video surveillance shows that several bystanders recorded the incidents on their phones, the release said. There were also several cars driving nearby.

“In the meantime, I hope you will hold these students—along with their families, friends, classmates, and professors—in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult and tragic time,” said Ithaca College president Tom Rochon.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick ’09 called the incident a “horrible tragedy” in a Facebook post and promised to share more information as it becomes available.

Ryan Lombardi, Cornell’s vice president for student and campus life, also issued a statement this morning expressing thoughts and condolences” to the family and friends of the victims.

Lombardi said that the Ithaca Police Department will investigate the crime with assistance from the CUPD and other law enforcement agencies. He also said police members have concluded that at this time there is no ongoing threat to campus.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our community; as such, this incident is deeply disturbing,” Lombardi said. “Please be sure to take care of yourselves and each other throughout the coming days.”

Any bystanders who have information about this incident are encouraged to contact The Sun at

University Resources: Members of the Cornell community seeking support can called Gannett Health Services’ Counseling and Psychological Services (607-255-3277), the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (607-255-2673), the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or find additional resources at

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  3. Why aren’t the camera feeds live? We need live Skype type modules throughout campus for emergency counseling not jus after incident reporting . I am sure alcohol and drugs were involved. Is the school responsible for students Safety? We will see by any lawsuits. Psychiatric exams for violence and emotional problems may be a future requirement at all schools. This is not the living 1960’s here

    • Or we could just, you know, enforce the underage drinking laws and illegal drug laws and ban all fraternities and sororities. But noooo, let’s go all 1984 with a crazy police state. And I hope you’re not asking the rest of us to pay for this nonsense by raising tuition. What will it be up to now? 100k? You have to be an adult to attend college and no remotely normal job would ever require this insanity that you’re proposing, so maybe we should start treating students like the adults they are rather than attempting to make it perfectly safe for them to be a reckless child in and adult’s body.

      I get it, this is a big deal and I offer my sincerest condolences. But this isn’t an excuse to abandon all reason.

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  5. Why haven’t the reporters tracked down people who were at the event and/or the fight who could give some detail to supplement the police press release, a release one could read anywhere?

    • It is so sad that this tragedy occurred on Cornell’s campus. Please note that many African American students from many different colleges and universities were at this event. We do not even know if Cornell students were involved in the melee.

  6. Why don’t they give preliminary description of the Suspect so that students can be aware? They must know the preliminary approximate age, sex, height and race of the suspect?

    • When they don’t give a description, there is a reason. Plus from the fact that the weapon was found, I would assume that the killer didn’t even really mean to do it.

      • How do you know a weapon was found?
        What about the friend? He must know or ID the person or the girl who was bumped and must feel like a huge troublemaker whore to start of this shit.

      • What about the friend who was stabbed and lived. I’m sure he must know who stabbed him or can ID the person. They were in close range to stab him.
        The girl that was bumped cause the whole problem. Sounds like a troublemaker

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      • ——“It says right there “an event at Willard Straight Hall hosted by Omega Psi Phi called O-Week Turnup: Workqowt edition.””

        That wasn’t in the original version of the story (when the comment was made), only the updated one.

    • This whole thread is a bit disgusting. Understand everyone is shocked but to your point, the focus should be on sympathy for a life lost.

  8. What exactly was Cornell administration thinking of, allowing a part to be hosted at Williard Straight until 2 a.m. ? I can understand private parties going on until all hours and have hosted several but for the Iniversity to provide a platform for such a late night large scale alcohol fueled event is to just ask for problems and trouble.

    What was Ryan Lonbardi thinking of? Just three weekends ago, a similar party on Eddy Street in Collegetown on August 7th also ended in brawls and a very serious stabbing. Geetanjali should have played it safe and refused to sanction the event.

  9. A MURDER occurred on campus! I am glad that we don’t have a “problem” with campus murder, the way we do with campus rape; however, I consider the murder a far more serious situation. This murder has been linked to an African-American fraternity event at the Straight. Why has there been so little discussed/reported about this Greek organization? The stories about rape, and underage drinking for that matter, that involve other Greek/IFC organizations have taken these organizations to task ad nauseam. Why is this different? What am I missing?

  10. Omega Psi Phi is characterized as the rough guy group of the “Devine Nine” black fraternities. Not known for their academics

    • Perhaps you have never heard of Dr. Charles Drew(blood plasma discoverer) Benjamin Hooks, Vernon Jordan, Percy Julian, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Earle Graves, former Surgeon Dr. Satcher & I could go on about current & historical figures who are members. Last year’s captain of the HARVARD football team is a member. Oh yeah they only give ACADEMIC scholarships not athletic ones. Make statements based on facts otherwise you reveal your ignorance

      • Do they give scholarships based on need? Full rides for poverty stricken, first time attending college?
        White people are the minority.
        This young man did not have to die and I’m sure there were fraternity brothers who videotaped the whole thing. You know who did this! Holding evidence is a crime also

  11. It’s hard to believe that this happened. I’m sorry that this happened. I wish there was something I could say or do that would comfort the family but I fear only time can do that. At the very least they should know that the Ithaca, Ithaca College, and Cornell University communities, past and present, mourn with them and will work towards justice.

    There won’t be much that can assuage the pain the Ithaca College and Cornell University communities now face but working together through this time can prove beneficial. Students and their parents will want to know that there is a commitment to safety on campus and be given assurances that this will not happen again, and rightfully so. Some students are experiencing a college campus for the first time and such an introduction must be devastating. Divisiveness will not remedy anything. College is a place for social and academic growth and students have the opportunity and freedom to explore avenues that would encourage this growth. Fraternities and Sororities are a part of that social growth. We have to work together to make such experiences safer for students and demonstrate that commitment. These abhorrent actions were not the intention of the orientation week event. The fraternity holding the event did not host it for the purposes of instigating a fight that led to the death of one of their own. This has less to do with race, drinking, the fraternity and sorority system and much more to do with protecting our community and each other. The person(s) responsible is the culprit, not any one community.

  12. There are no weapon searches prior to admittance at any Cornell events– ridiculous, in this day and age! Most students come from high schools where backpacks were searched before entry to events and buildings, and most public venues which are hosting large events do this, yet the university doesn’t perform this simple and most essential security measure. Additionally negligent is the policy of permitting anyone with an active college ID for any college admittance to Cornell campus events. The university needs to seriously step up security at all campus events by strictly limiting attendance to Cornell students only, searching for weapons before campus events, particularly large social mixers like this, and ensuring a better ratio of police to students.
    These measures are for the protection of all students whether they are students at Cornell or not.

    It is unacceptable that students pay $68,000 a year to go to school on a campus where anyone can wander into any event on campus just because they have a college ID from any school. Large social events on college campuses are already hard enough to keep under control without permitting nonstudents to attend. Limiting party size and ensuring enough police protection is essential to student security, as is searching for weapons before any large gathering of this kind. If Cornell had taken these simple steps, already in place at most public venues, high schools, and colleges, this tragedy could have been prevented. A simple metal detector could have saved a life.

    • Great comments Patricia!
      However, this family needs closure!
      Cornell Univ is responsible for telling us who
      did this crime!
      Tons of videos and a week has gone by /who and why are they protecting this person?
      Tuitions will prob go up after this!

    • It makes sense but the problem is they will call the race card and say it’s because of color then riots break out and the police all end up in the wrong for breaking up fights.
      Then the Cornell President and his crew have to kiss their ass more then they already do.

  13. Patricia Donnely has listed precisely the steps that would have prevented the death of a young man just beginning his college career.

    Her plan should be swiftly adopted so that there will never again be a tragic death at a social event on the Cornell campus.

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