October 24, 2016

EDITORIAL: Answers Still Missing in Stabbing Investigation

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This Sunday marked the eighth week after the Aug. 28 stabbings of two Ithaca College students during a large fight near Olin Hall. One student, Anthony Nazaire was fatally stabbed, while the second student was also injured, but survived.

The Ithaca Police Department is conducting a homicide investigation of this incident, but nearly two months since the stabbing, no suspects have been publicly identified. IPD’s last public communication about the investigation occurred on Sept. 12, in a press release that solicited video evidence of the stabbing. In this same release, IPD states that it has obtained “crucial video evidence,” none of which has been released to the public. More than five weeks have passed since the last public update about the investigation. In correspondence with Sun reporters, IPD has repeatedly declined to provide further updates or to supply a timeline for the investigation.

A case of this magnitude requires thorough and methodical scrutiny, but the lack of public communication is concerning. The perpetrator remains at large, possibly in this very community. As long as the investigation continues without any publicly identified suspects, this case remains an unresolved safety issue. Both the public and the family and friends of Nazaire deserve closure, and assurances of increased safety on campus ring hollow when the police remain silent about the investigation’s progress. Just as the police have a responsibility to communicate with the community, the public must also contribute to securing a swift resolution to this investigation: anyone with videos of this incident has an obligation to submit the video evidence to IPD.

This is an investigation that absolutely cannot slip from the minds of this community. As the police grow quiet about the issue, the Ithaca and Cornell communities must continue to demand justice and closure.

13 thoughts on “EDITORIAL: Answers Still Missing in Stabbing Investigation

  1. Thank you! This piece references “repeated requests” by CDS for info from IPD. Keep asking and keep reporting. CDS is not applying nearly enough pressure. Neither is the Cornell community. Come on students and alumni ! There should be thousands of posts demanding to know that no stone is left unturned. Someone killed one of our own on our campus. That cannot stand.

  2. The lack of communication by authorities creates the appearance of a cover up concerning this crime. Consider that the deceased’s friend who also went to the hospital is an eye witness coupled with IPD’ s statement they had video evidence including others who were video recording the event. If neither are true or if they are inconclusive then IPD has a duty to inform the public. Let the public know if IPD has interviewed all those who attended the event. Did the event organizer furnish an attendance or invitation list that would have aided IPD’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation? The public is rightly concerned and the authorities have a duty to inform.

  3. I’m happy to see today’s Sun editorial about the paucity of information concerning the fatal Nazaire stabbing on Ho Plaza, but where’s the reporting attention to that topic by The Sun and its IC counterpart, The Ithacan? Surely some students on both campuses know more about what happened than has been published anywhere. And I hope that Sun and Ithacan staffers know more than either has shared. Have both newspapers totally deferred their reporting to the official and invisible inquiry? Have the newspapers and/or stabbing-aware students been silenced by the officials? If that’s the case, the papers should let readers know of the information clamp-down. This matter has reached the point at which it reflects poorly on all segments of the Cornell and IC communities. When will The Sun begin to show some initiative in reporting as well as in editorializing? I’m ready for a daily update, calling out the insiders who decline to provide information if a clamp-down continues.

  4. An innocent student was murdered on the Cornell campus for heaven’s sake! How can that not be the subject of daily reporting? It creates the impression that the life that was lost is not of value. That the rest of us just move on. Nothing to see here.

    If any student were to imagine themselves murdered on campus for no reason, would they not imagine intense interest on the part of the entire Cornell community? Would they not imagine constant and growing pressure for more and more information about what happened and what is being done to bring the killer to justice?

  5. I have been making comments on the few articles related to this murder over the last 2 months,I have called the Ithaca police myself as a concerned and disgusted patent, sent emails to the administration and have gotten nowhere. It is beyond my comprehension how every student, alumni, and parent of both colleges is not putting pressure in whatever way they can, to get this case solved. Is it not obvious that in 2 months NOTHING is happening?? How about an alumni with connections to a national news source that can bring this insanity out in the open? A STUDENT WAS MURDERED 8 WEEKS AGO ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS WITH WITNESSES AND NO INFO that there is any progress in this case?? ANY alum,student, or parent connected to these schools should be ashamed of himself for not pushing for this case to be top priority. This is a disgrace to say the least- a murder of a student during orientation week WITH WITNESSES AND CELLPHONE VIDEOS???!!! WAKE UP AND SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!!! Students- you want to have rallies, protests, and discussion groups about something that actually affects you directly??? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!! ALUMNI-use your pull to help out- some alumnus out there must have the power to help push this along??? For gods sake, do not allow this poor students murder to continue to be shoved under the carpet!!!

  6. It’s too bad that there were no witnesses to this crime, that no one was there with video recorders of some sort, and that no one who shares the victim’s cultural background and identity can help. Oh wait. There were plenty of witnesses, many were taking photos and shooting video and the event Mr. Nazaire attended was hosted by a Cornell fraternity. The police cannot force witnesses to come forward. Only personal courage and pressure from other attendees and fellow citizens can make that happen.

    • How can the Sun, which is so opinionated regarding such critical matters as dormitory conditions and Halloween costumes be silent regarding the importance of all witnesses coming forward in the MURDER OF AN INNOCENT FELLOW STUDENT? Would the Sun please state a point of view and let us know what it thinks the relative significance of this issue is compared to the other issues receiving equal or greater attention. I hope a real investigative journalist takes up this story one day and exposes the leaders of this paper.

  7. Agree with ALL of above.By the way, if any person who is following this sad story isn’t infuriated by the lack of information, investigation and apathy regarding this murder, then we are living in a very sad time. WHY doesn’t this newspaper or any alumni association, board of trustees, etc. put up a reward for information?? I think all parents of both schools would agree to put 1$ towards a reward for information leading to the solving of this murder. The victims family may not be able to hire a private detective to assist in finding their sons murderer- has anyone thought of interviewing them and having them appeal to the hearts of other parents or administrations of the schools? Probably not- lets just keep talking and protesting over every other politically correct topic in the country while an unsolved murder of a student lies right there under your noses., and a murderer is just prancing around freely somewhere in Ithaca- maybe even in one of the dorms.. DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD PARENTS?? DEMAND a REWARD!! ALUMNI HELP TOO- someone out there must have the voice or power to Put more pressure on this !!!!

  8. Why no Cornell expulsion of all the pugilists? There was a brawl on campus, don’t let the dead body absolve others of their crimes. Expel and prosecute them all. Then you may get more cooperation with videos in exchange for a gentler prison cell.

    Parents, you need to start a tuition embargo until the provost and interim President are replaced. Students, you need to march on day hall in protest. Alumni, effective immediately with hold all donations. Prospective students, don’t apply until there is new leadership. If you have already applied, go somewhere else.

    Wake up board, there are consequences to inaction!

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