September 4, 2023

EDITORIAL | A Free Speech Focus At Cornell Matters Today More Than Ever

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In April, President Martha Pollack announced that the 2023-2024 academic year would be themed “The Indispensable Condition: Freedom of Expression at Cornell.” The University is correct that free speech and expression is more indispensable today than ever before. 

College campuses are the space to challenge ideas, to hear others and to engage in respectful debate.

A key part of First Amendment protections is the freedom of the press. Today, more and more journalists grow concerned with the protection of free press and free expression. A 2022 Pew Research Center study found that across political leanings of publications, most journalists in the United States can agree that freedom of the press is a matter of concern. For our democratic society to function, matters of First Amendment justice are important to defend, and Cornell is taking a step in the right direction by focusing on these matters.

The Cornell Daily Sun as an independent newspaper aims to likewise champion efforts advancing First Amendment rights including free speech and free press — as well as remain true to our mission of informing the campus and its surrounding areas. We hope that our coverage of topics that impact students, faculty and alumni inspires our community to engage in necessary discourse to advance the betterment of our campus community and society.

The Sun stands ready to watch and report on how the University continues its commitment to free expression this academic year.

The above editorial reflects the opinions of The Cornell Daily Sun. Editorials are penned collaboratively between the Editor in Chief, Associate Editor and Opinion Editor, in consultation with additional Cornell Daily Sun editors and staffers. The Sun’s editorials are independent of its news coverage, other columnists and advertisers and represents only a majority view of The Cornell Daily Sun’s editorial board.

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