AMADOR & DARKBLOOM | Eulogy for a Stocks Lawyer

Yves and I reminisce on how differently we saw and continue to see this tale: the corporate attorney, graduate from Cornell Law, with an open door to what appeared to be a vivacious life. Only to wake up one day and realize that the Wild West has been domesticated. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Re: ‘Students Rally for Free TCAT’

In the Sun article from Oct. 24, “Students Rally for Free TCAT” , Cornell Vice President of University Relations Joel M. Malina is quoted as saying, “Cornell’s contribution goes far beyond those of the City and County in the form of annual fare payments to TCAT, which subsidize the cost of Cornell’s OmniRide bus pass available to employees and students. Of the funds paid to TCAT by the three partners, Cornell provides 70 percent of the total.” 

SWASING | Law School Rankings’ Fall From Grace

There is a better world of law school admissions out there. One that is more equitable and ensures a legal education is available to all students who are intellectually (not just financially) capable. One in which rankings accurately reflect what a school can do for its students. This is an exciting and dynamic time for law schools and applicants alike, and I look forward to a future where law school is a genuinely attainable option for anyone whose passion drives them to it. 

KEMPFF | Living in Hockeyland: On the Documentary and Cornell

Like the small communities featured in the film, hockey is the only sport in town at Cornell. Compare the crowds at Cornell’s homecoming football game to a preseason hockey game and you can clearly see the importance of hockey here. It’s an especially relevant film that all Cornellians should watch, as it will give you a better appreciation for the game and those who play it. 

CHOUNG | Popping the Cornell Bubble

The bubble will soon pop as my flight leaves the airport, and the magic from Ithaca will fade as I enter back into the real world. Going back home means reconnecting with your childhood and viewing things you once took for granted from a new perspective. Home may not be as familiar anymore, but there’s now just a new aspect of it that you have the privilege to explore. 

GUEST ROOM | The Shame of the Greek System

Why are these organizations tolerated by universities? We know from studies that alcohol abuse is more common among those belonging to the Greek system than among other students and that membership in residential Greek organizations is associated with binge drinking and marijuana usage through midlife. As if that was not bad enough, a recent New York Times article on the University of Alabama’s sorority rush highlighted the superficiality and frivolity of this system and the significant cost in dollars that membership entails.

SEX ON THURSDAY | ‘I Respect The Drunk Text,’ and Other Wise Words

I respect getting horny drunk and texting your sneaky link, as long as it’s anything except “u up?” I respect getting bored at a party, bolstering your confidence with liquid courage, and conceiving the most thirsty text to ever be sent. More than anything, I respect the drunk text.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | On the Cancelation of Ann Coulter ’84

On Wednesday night, Cornell University — the number one ranked school in New York, an Ivy League institution, a self-avowed destination for “any person, any study” — could have proved that it is a genuine marketplace of ideas. That did not happen. Credit is due to the Leadership Institute, Network of enlightened Women and Ann Coulter ’84 herself for working to make the event a reality. Because of everyone involved in allowing Coulter to speak, Cornellians had a unique opportunity to be challenged, learn and grow. None of that happened either.

SENZON | A Change in Season

While it’s true that winter can be isolating, take the additional alone time as an opportunity to reflect on where you are in life right now. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? Is there anything you’d like to change about it? There are a million more questions I could ask you, but the rest are for you to figure out on your own.

SPARACIO | Democracy On the Ballot from Now On? 

Grammy was lamenting on the phone last night that this world is not one that she would want to be growing up in. Scanning the news, opinion columnists seem to be questioning how much longer we will be waking up to democracy for breakfast. Recent New York Times columns titled “Dancing Near the Edge of a Lost Democracy,” “What Has Happened to My Country?” and “What’s at Stake in These Elections” capture society teetering on the edge. Looking at the New York Times archives the day before Barack Obama’s midterm elections in 2014 did not reveal such alarmist attitudes towards the future of democracy. The current political climate hints to a democracy in free fall, and we can watch it flailing towards the center of the earth or begin to think up some sort of remedy.