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FROM THE EDITOR | In the Amber

As deadlines creep and finals loom, The Sun will begin a brief pause in publication today. For the next two weeks, our staff will set down their reporting hats to — hopefully — rub sleep from their eyes, pass exams, polish up final papers and take a well-deserved break from the whirlwind that this semester has been. These past few months, The Sun and its peers again demonstrated the need for quality, independent journalism on college campuses. As countless voices sought outlets, The Sun created a forum for students, faculty, alumni and prospective Cornellians to hear each other in a time when our voices are farther apart than ever. With the loss of pre-lecture grumblings and coffee-counter conversations, the importance of a space to share information and insight is clear.

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HUA | The Butterfly Effect

Freshman year — pneumonia and a broken heart. Sophomore year — a broken ankle and financial stress. Junior year — bronchitis and misplaced trust. Senior year — finally finding my family at Cornell, only for these last moments with them to be snatched away. If you had asked me on my first night at Cornell whether I would ever consider writing for The Sun, I would have scoffed.

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GHAZI | Leaving Youth at College Sunsets

My first love is the person college allowed me to be. In elementary school in Spain, evening meant trading Castilian for Farsi, tossing around my mom’s saffron rice and stews over dinner as I ruminated over how coming from a technically Muslim household meant that the three kings would bring gifts every Christmas but didn’t qualify me for attending religion class with my Catholic peers. While other kids absorbed stories and sat around a table learning once a week, I stayed in homeroom and organized my teacher’s filing cabinets. In the U.S., I tore at my Spanish self for making an English language I had no acquaintance with sound less American. In the evenings, I hid from my family to pore over library books I didn’t understand to cease being the ESL girl who quietly enunciated the words of her picture book about families of bears while others delved into the fantasy worlds of their chapter books.

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YANG | Weifeng the Freshman

I have always claimed, to those who know me, that my college experience here at Cornell has followed a healthy upward trend. My best semester was probably last semester. As a senior, I was truly living my time. I have found my community in Cornell Republicans and Cornell Political Union, among friends and mentors, often acting like an old man telling stories of the past (which, frankly, is just three years away). I found my voice here at The Sun, as the Chinese columnist annoyingly acting out his “Chineseness,” and daring to, for the first time, share my subversive thoughts about my beloved motherland with the public.