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November 3, 2015

O’Reilly Airs Second Segment on Cornell

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Fox News aired a second segment regarding Cornell’s “liberal bias” on The O’Reilly Factor Monday evening.

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Last week, the program aired a piece on a Sun report that found 96 percent of faculty members who made political donations donated to liberal campaigns over the last four years. During the piece, Cornell officials asked reporter Jesse Watters to stop interviewing students on campus.

Monday’s segment highlighted a Sun editorial, which criticized the University for its decision to ask Fox News to leave.

“The University’s response to the piece was far more embarrassing than reporter Jesse Watters’ shoddy journalism techniques,” Wednesday’s editorial read.

Bill O’Reilly then played a clip with more student and administrator interviews. In response to being described as a “shoddy journalist” by The Sun, Watters joked that  he learned the techniques from O’Reilly.

“I didn’t embarrass the students,” Watters said. “They did that themselves.”

  • Abe ’14

    And O’Reilly’s response to Watters’ quote was (paraphrased): “The students were fine”

  • George

    The real story is not what Fox News did. It is the attitude of Cornell faculty as laid out in the original Sun article. Especially telling was the professor of government who essentially claimed that Republicans are not intelligent enough to teach at Cornell. He must also believe that Republicans are not bright enough to be students at Cornell. It appears the accusations of stupidity are misplaced.

    • Academia Is A Joke

      The genius (barf!) professor who said that conservatives were too dumb to teach at Cornell was Andrew Little. I kid you not, his latest research is about ” communication technology, antiregime beliefs, protest, and censorship.” How apt for this situation.

      • Ward

        Tell you what … if my child takes that class … he’s paying for it himself.

        That will teach these “teachers”.

  • George

    The professors who claim that Republicans are intellectually inferior were Kenneth McClane (English) and Richard Bensel (Government). I suggest that they tell their colleagues and students who are Republicans that they do not belong at Cornell. “Anyone who disputes liberal group think shall be banished forthwith!”

  • Yves Martin

    The professors probably meant that today’s conservatives (and Republicans) are generally not very insightful – at least not when compared to progressives – in political or social realms. As such, they are right. Today’s conservatives come up short on virtually every major policy issue. If you don’t believe me (or the professors), watch tonight’s debate.

    Why would you want people who lack insight teaching your children? It doesn’t make sense.