Thank you for reading our paper; we couldn’t make it without your support. Try new things this semester, stretch your wings and let yourself grow — but remember that The Sun will appear every day, and you always have a home within our pages.


THIS ISSUE MARKS THE END of another semester at Cornell, and we mark the end of Sun print issues until August. As our writers, editors and designers head into final exams, we bid adieu to long days chasing stories and late nights of layout. We look forward to a well-deserved break and look back on all we’ve accomplished this semester. The Sun’s 140th editorial board has grown into a creative, curious and confident group, defined by ambitious projects and a strong dedication to community. We’ve come a long way from our first nights grappling with InDesign and learning the ropes of new editorial positions.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Shining Ever Brighter

This past Saturday, The Sun ended six weeks of training by electing a new cohort of editors. The 140th board, full of energy and excitement, now embraces the time-honored commitment to band together and make The Sun shine. My talented peers have demonstrated boundless curiosity, persistent optimism and a dedication to quality journalism throughout training, and I firmly believe that we’ve placed The Sun into good hands. It has been my greatest honor to learn from them and work alongside them these past few weeks, and I’m grateful for a coming year of fruitful collaboration. As we navigate the lasting effects of the pandemic, we push forward with courage and hope for a better-informed, reconnected community.


If you ever want to realize some of your greatest capacities, work for a student newspaper. Here, you’ll solve crises and uncover opportunities and see how much you can accomplish, even on the least amount of sleep. 

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Share Your Voice, Your Story; Join The Sun

Why would anyone work for a newspaper? A great question (and one any Sunnie has asked at least once while up late fighting with InDesign) — with its constant challenges and the constant insistence on the death of the journalism industry. I can offer you my reason: hope. 

I’m in a class this semester with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Molly O’Toole ’09, this year’s Distinguished Visiting Journalist at Cornell (and, I should mention, a former news editor of The Sun), and she asked us what we loved about journalism. My own answer hinged on telling the stories of the people around me, of my classmates and neighbors — it is a public service, this hope. 

In our 141 years, this has always been the case. We, as we always have, ask hard questions and work tirelessly to uncover the truth; we interview, research, argue, photograph, design, report and write to highlight the lives of the people here on the Hill.


The quads and streets and buildings (old and new) are filled with the energy of the new year and of new faces. The constant crowds of bleary-eyed families and bright-eyed first-years have reminded this old senior of the excitement and hope that comes with the new — including this new year for all of us.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Farewell ‘Til Spring

The Cornell Daily Sun will be on hiatus for the upcoming winter break to provide our editors, writers and hard-working staff with an opportunity to bring balance to their title of “student journalist.” 

I’m appreciative of my peers, who I’ve watched embrace the hurdles of this semester with open arms. They’ve worked through the regular challenges of a paper — difficult deadlines, impossible business conditions and ever-changing news cycles. They’ve persevered across the new challenges of our paper — staggered hours, solitary working conditions, long days of screen time, differing time zones and internet flubs. And most starkly, they’ve confronted intangible difficulty — COVID-19 itself, loneliness and the loss of their own loved ones. But still, night after night, they’ve tried their hardest to bring the campus happenings to you. 

I can’t thank them enough. 

When we return after the break, The Sun will be in the hands of the 139th editorial compets, a group of candidates for our 35 or so leadership positions. During these first weeks, they’ll be trained in the work of the nation’s oldest continuously independent college daily; I know that they’ll rise gracefully to the challenge. 

Until then, stay safe, wear a mask — we’ll be back before you know it. 

— M. Z.