Ally Meets Aldi

To the Ithaca native, Aldi might just be another supermarket to hit on the list of Sunday errands. To me, Aldi seemed like a store full of adventure. I was driving back to Ithaca from a weekend away visiting family upstate. My mom asked me the classic going back to college question: “Should we stop and get some snacks for you?” I answered the question with a wide smile. “Of course!”

With the word “snacks” being thrown around, my mind automatically went to Trader Joe’s.

Shamrock Drinks: The Final Stretch of Winter

Although the 12 inches of winter snow we got this month begs to question whether or not spring will be on its way, the slow changing of temperature indicates that spring is nearby. Another measure to assess the changing of seasons: the return of Shamrock drinks at McDonald’s. Since the 1970s, McDonald’s has been offering the Shamrock Shake, a light green, minty-flavored milkshake to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Every year like clockwork, the fast food chain sells this drink across stores in the US, Canada and Ireland.

Seven-Spice Stop Loumies Opens in Collegetown

Home-cooked Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is exactly what Collegetown needs, and Loumies has blown away all expectations. Inspired by the flavors of the Middle East, Persia and North Africa, Loumies has created a delicious blend of tasty dishes for Ithaca’s students and residents. They offer scrumptious dishes including Kufta Meatballs, okra stew and Labneh sandwiches, with flavorful sides of hummus, “Seven Spice” rice and more. Loumies is a family business. While there, I got a chance to speak with the chef, Rania Chidiac Kaldi and her husband, Raed.

The Unexpected Fraternity Tastebud Mastermind: Chef Don

When I recently joined a fraternity, I held onto some skepticism about the lifestyle. Perhaps the biggest question was the quality of the food. Most Cornell students have visited frat houses; we’ve seen the sweaty dance floors packed with people, and we’ve smelled the puke in the corner. To put it lightly, I was a little scared to try the food that my fraternity had to offer. However, my doubts soon dispersed.

America’s Lonely Tune

The components of a cuisine, from common spices to dietary staples to preparation styles, vary widely across the world. However, the biggest divide between different food cultures may arise not in the cooking, but what comes after. I learned the importance of dining style through two specific eating experiences, which began continents apart and ended up a mile from each other here in Ithaca. One crisp autumn night, the brisk wind pushed my friends and I out into town to find something warm and fulfilling. We eventually spotted a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant filled with steaming food and locals digging in, enjoying their eating experience together.

Like a Good Friend, Louie’s is There

Put simply, Louie’s Lunch is an icon for Cornell students. Like a good friend, Louie’s Lunch is always there to make you happy. Just tanked your prelim? Louie’s is there for you. Going through a messy breakup?

Cornell Cafes Go Beyond the Pumpkin Spice Latte With Varying Success

The official start of commercialized fall is when you spot the first sign for The Starbucks  pumpkin spice latte. Fall flavors like pumpkin, ginger, clove and cinnamon are baked into warm breads, cookies and various Trader Joes special edition snacks, and sprinkled in coffee for a few months during the year. The pumpkin spice latte itself seems to be a bit overdone, but cafes are becoming more creative with their fun fall drinks. 

On Cornell’s campus, the school-run cafes are offering Starbucks’s PSL, but the few independent cafes — aka Gimme and Café Jennie — have come up with different options. Although I don’t normally choose sweet drinks, I do enjoy the warmth of fall flavors and switching up my normal latte order. I spent a little too much money, but hopefully my taste tests will help others find their new fall favorite.

Dining Halls as a Vegan

One of my favorite daily activities is checking the Eatery app to scope out the various dining hall menus. Somehow, there is nothing more exciting than investigating which dining hall has the best dinner choices that day. I always start the search with high hopes and then end up circling back to my go-to’s: Risley and Keeton. As a vegan, I have never had trouble finding delicious, satisfying and healthy food within Cornell Dining. However, sometimes it takes a keen eye and some good luck to get it.

Eating Lavish on North: A Trial Lunch at Morrison Dining Hall

When you first see Morrison Dining Hall, you may ask yourself, “Am I at Cornell or Hyatt Regency?” 

With the expansion of North Campus, some freshmen have had the privilege of enjoying the new gym and dorms. If you’re thinking,“Why is our tuition so expensive?” Now you know. But, before I give you a sneak peek of Morrison Dining Hall (which opens in Spring 2022), I want to offer some good news: you can have a hotel-quality lunch at Morrison every Thursday! So, if you feel like eating at an on-campus Shake Shack or Panera Bread, next Thursday is your chance. Anyways, let’s explore Morrison Dining Hall together! How’s the interior?