Ally Meets Aldi

To the Ithaca native, Aldi might just be another supermarket to hit on the list of Sunday errands. To me, Aldi seemed like a store full of adventure. I was driving back to Ithaca from a weekend away visiting family upstate. My mom asked me the classic going back to college question: “Should we stop and get some snacks for you?” I answered the question with a wide smile. “Of course!”

With the word “snacks” being thrown around, my mind automatically went to Trader Joe’s.

The Lie of the “Freshman Fifteen” and How To Navigate Eating on Cornell’s Campus

Content warning: this article contains content relating to eating disorders and relationships with food. Walking through the dining hall, I contemplate what to eat; the pizza looks good, but I don’t think that’s healthy. Ice cream, obviously, is delicious, but then I ask, “am I just using this as a way to cope with my emotions?” I decide to get a salad, wondering how some people around me just eat whatever and don’t gain weight. I wonder why I care so much about what I eat — it’s because I always have. However, there’s a fine line between caring about what you eat in a way that’s helpful and paying attention to your intake in a way that’s obsessive.

Shamrock Drinks: The Final Stretch of Winter

Although the 12 inches of winter snow we got this month begs to question whether or not spring will be on its way, the slow changing of temperature indicates that spring is nearby. Another measure to assess the changing of seasons: the return of Shamrock drinks at McDonald’s. Since the 1970s, McDonald’s has been offering the Shamrock Shake, a light green, minty-flavored milkshake to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Every year like clockwork, the fast food chain sells this drink across stores in the US, Canada and Ireland.

The Secret Side of Professors: Their Snacks of Choice

We as humans end up thinking about food a lot during class. Perhaps you’re craving your favorite dining hall’s greasy, yet delicious cheese pizza that awaits you. Maybe you’re regretting the Okenshield’s taco as you anxiously eye the door. Or maybe you were proactive, as you secretly slip bites of a cookie, fruit or nuts into your mouth as you attempt to keep up with the lecture slides. But something I only recently started to ponder, and I speculate many Cornellians neglect, is what our professors choose to snack on.

Lab-Grown Food: Meat Without Murder

In 2022, it’s more common than ever to see the plant-based diet represented in the world of dining. From Impossible Burgers to dairy-free cheese, the sticky, laminated folds of restaurant menus have opened up to the idea of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Your waiter doesn’t care whether you’re a life-long vegan, kosher or just watching your cholesterol — the reasons behind avoiding animal products are varying, and it’s never mattered less. 

At the same time, recently, issues regarding animal agriculture have received more attention. Environmental impacts, excessive water use, land intensification and health impacts are all areas of concern that are becoming more common among consumers. Beef cattle production is responsible for around half of greenhouse gas emissions caused by agriculture, and many people report a desire to cut back on red meat consumption in favor of plant-based alternatives.

Let’s Talk Coffee on Campus

When it comes to the eating habits of college students, our preferences tend to differ. The varying cuisines of Ithaca’s Collegetown and the Commons allow us to access everything from sushi to salads to pizza. The freedom of being a college student means that if we wanted to eat a poke bowl every meal, so be it. However, there is one thing that almost every college student agrees is necessary: coffee. 62 percent of Americans start every day with coffee, and yet it is quite an individualized process because different households prefer various brewing methods.

Tea: The Key to a Healthy Brain & Healthy Body

There are a few things humans need for survival: food, water, air and shelter. As college students, we need one extra component: caffeine. Keeping up with the rigorous environment and demanding workload, sleep seems a luxurious activity to partake in. With students spending more nights at the library than in their own rooms, Cornell’s campus is bustling with students day and night. At any study space on campus, you can find scores of students with airpods in, eyes glued to laptop screens and giant cups to drink from.

Seven-Spice Stop Loumies Opens in Collegetown

Home-cooked Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is exactly what Collegetown needs, and Loumies has blown away all expectations. Inspired by the flavors of the Middle East, Persia and North Africa, Loumies has created a delicious blend of tasty dishes for Ithaca’s students and residents. They offer scrumptious dishes including Kufta Meatballs, okra stew and Labneh sandwiches, with flavorful sides of hummus, “Seven Spice” rice and more. Loumies is a family business. While there, I got a chance to speak with the chef, Rania Chidiac Kaldi and her husband, Raed.

The Unexpected Fraternity Tastebud Mastermind: Chef Don

When I recently joined a fraternity, I held onto some skepticism about the lifestyle. Perhaps the biggest question was the quality of the food. Most Cornell students have visited frat houses; we’ve seen the sweaty dance floors packed with people, and we’ve smelled the puke in the corner. To put it lightly, I was a little scared to try the food that my fraternity had to offer. However, my doubts soon dispersed.

Working Out What Cornellians Take When They Work Out

Disclaimer: Consult a doctor before taking any workout supplements

It’s no secret that Cornellians love to exercise. Whether it’s the 45 minute line to use the gym or the crazy people running up the slope at 3 a.m. in the 10 degree weather, it’s clear that a majority of Cornellians work out. I frequently see people walking around with different drinks, and talking about different types of workout supplements, so I wanted to explore what Cornellians take when they hit the trails or gym. What to eat before and during your workout is a heavily debated topic with no clear answer. With a quick Google search, you can see that pre-workout, protein shakes and simply eating healthy are viable options towards maximizing your exercise.