Intravenous ImmunoGlobulin Shortage Impacts Patients Nationwide

Intravenous Immunoglobulin is a biological drug made from the blood of healthy people and delivered into the blood of sick people to help them replace the malfunctioning components of their own immune system. Currently, its supply is at an all-time low.

Joint Medlife and APO Panel Facilitates Discussion of Opioid Overdose

“[What] mattered to all of us was bringing more awareness to students about what is happening right here in Ithaca,” Winnie Ho ’19, a member of APO, explained as she introduced the panelists with Delmar Fears ’19, Engaged Ambassador, and Matthew Guo ’20, president of Medife. “We are aware of what’s going on in our own lives but we fail to see what is happening around us.”


A Veterinarian Without Borders: Dr. Jarra Jagne’s International Veterinary Career

The “One Health” initiative doesn’t just apply to a link between doctors and veterinarians. It reflects the need for a global effort to combat epidemics that are as far-reaching as zoonotic diseases. Dr. Jagne firmly believes it is this force, a system of collaboration spanning not just countries but continents that will better prepare the world for the next epidemic.