SPARACIO | Sour Patch Kids on a Sunday

On Sunday Nov. 7 I ate a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids and as I did, I began to digest a reality that is sour and then sweet. I sat at my desk as my phone buzzed with CornellALERTS. Luckily, I was able to avoid the evacuations that occurred on the parts of central campus which received bomb threats. I can’t imagine the fear that my peers in those circumstances experienced. 

There’s a sentiment on our campus that seems more pervasive now than ever — the idea that we are aboard the academic titanic.

GUEST ROOM | Do Not Forget Hong Kong

I am Kinen Kao. I am a Hongkonger. I was among the protesters of the 2019 Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. I want liberty and democracy for my hometown. ***

I am Kinen Kao.

SAMILOW | A False Narrative on Israel and Academic Freedom

A little over a month ago, my colleague in the Opinion section, Javed Jokhai ’24, published a column with the thesis that pro-Palestinian voices are being suppressed on Cornell’s campus. In his view, the Cornell administration’s purported neutrality on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its unwillingness to condemn Israel and sever all ties with Israeli academic institutions prejudices the free speech rights of pro-Palestinian students and faculty on campus. In reaching this conclusion, Jokhai offers contradictory reasoning and mischaracterizes the nature of academic freedom. Last spring, amid the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Martha Pollack released a statement expressing concern about the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes, including several incidents at Cornell and around Ithaca. This was, of course, completely reasonable given that during those weeks we saw Jews beaten in the streets of New York and Canada and pro-Palestinian protesters in London and Brussels chant “death to Jews.” Even at Cornell, where close to 20 percent of students are Jewish, a member of the Student Assembly shared a video of notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan accusing Israel of “practicing dirty religion” on her instagram story. 

Jokhai, however, was troubled by Pollack’s statement.

STUDENT ASSEMBLY VIEWPOINT | I Dare You to See What We Could Get Done

Cornell is full of opportunities, and we all know we cannot take advantage of it all. But don’t miss the opportunities the Student Assembly has for the issues you care about. I am new to the SA — and honestly, still relatively new to Cornell — but it didn’t take long to see how easy it is to act. 

My name is Duncan Cady. I’m an ILR Junior from San Francisco California who transferred to Cornell in the fall of 2020. In the Student Assembly, I am the Students with Disabilities Representative and one of three current Undergraduate Student Representatives serving alongside the SA President to the University Assembly.

MEHLER | Ithaca Fun-Uncle Activities

Now halfway through my junior year,  having survived a college experience colored by the COVID-19 pandemic, family members outside of my immediate family have finally been allowed to come visit Cornell and Ithaca after hearing me talk about campus for years.  

YAO | The Best Way to Pre-Enroll is Waiting Until Add/Drop

Every person I know has had at least one awful pre-enroll experience, but guess what, they’re doing fine. I didn’t finalize my first-year schedule until about a week into the semester after enough people dropped the classes I wanted. My friend slept through enrollment last semester, but she’s still on track to graduate on time. At this point in my college career, I’m over spamming professors with emails and having nightmares over missing out on Introduction to Web Development.

DERY | Lowering Our Hands to Raise Our Questions

Most questions that come to mind aren’t grand or conceptual in any particular way; they arise in a much more preliminary stage of the learning process, as we try to understand the details of going from point A to B. It just wouldn’t be productive for all of our hands to shoot up when the professor asks “Any questions?”, only to go over a certain part of the lecture over again. 

ONONYE | Are you Feeling Twenty-Two?

My 22nd birthday was an excuse to be just-a-little-bit like Taylor for the day. It was my girl-group bracing the 35 degree Ithaca cold to sit outside for my birthday brunch, my law frat brothers threatening to make everyone in Libe Cafe sing happy birthday to me if I spent the day in the library, my parents nailing my birthday present and a shout out at the Nigerian Students’ Association’s Date Auction. 

BEARD | What a Week, Huh?

In short, in the last three days it’s started to seem like Cornell andIthaca have been doing a speed-run of apocalypse bingo or something to that effect. In fact, one of my roommates made the quip, “What’s next, an earthquake on Thursday?” and we all had a good laugh. Jokes aside though, there’s been a lot of abnormality in the last three days and it’s brought out many different reactions among the members of our community.

BARAN | And On the Seventh Day, God Watched Mediocre Comedy in Bed

As my roommate came out of the bathroom, I voiced my thoughts. “I don’t even think SNL skits are all that funny. Why have I been watching them on repeat for the past two hours?” Trevor turned towards me, sloppily knocking two cups off my table as he did so. His eyes swam, then focused on me. “It’s escapism,” he slurred. “God said to rest on the Sabbath.”