MARGULIES | Palestinians and Israelis Both Deserve to Thrive

I have been a supporter and a critic of Israel nearly as long as I could spell its name. For nearly the whole of its existence, it has represented complexity to me. It is promise and hope, but also cruelty and idiocy. It is besieged but also discriminatory. It has a right to exist and to defend itself; it has an obligation to change and to reform itself. I defend it; I condemn it.

SAAR | Why Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism in Disguise

Imagine a group of people accused of racism demanding the University adopt a definition of racism that would exempt them. This, in essence, is what the Cornell Coalition for Mutual Liberation did on Dec. 1 when they demanded Cornell define anti-Zionism as an “ideology” and not antisemitism. It seems Jews are the only minority denied the right to define aggressions against them as bigotry. Defining Zionism is simple: It is the desire by an indigenous people, the Jews, to return to their ancestral homeland and for those who never left to regain/retain sovereignty.