Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Anti-Racism Can’t be a Pretext for Anti-Semitism

To the Editor:

On September 7, a group of professors, graduate students and staff published an open letter to President Martha E. Pollack and Provost Michael Kotlikoff, listing the measures they deem necessary for an “anti-racist Cornell.” Buried within this set of proposals was the curious request that the University address “Cornell Tech’s involvement in the gentrification of Queens and, through its institutional partnership with Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, the military occupation of Palestine.”

Naturally, the authors fail to elaborate further on the nonexistent connection between the Technion and race-related initiatives at Cornell. Perhaps they are unsure themselves. Nor do they request that the University address any of its other international partnerships. Instead, they choose to single out the world’s only Jewish state for opprobrium. The decision to gratuitously target Israel and simultaneously ignore Cornell’s actually questionable international relationships raises serious doubts about the intentions and motives of the authors.

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EPSTEIN | Herb Your Enthusiasm

Outside the classroom, with the reduction of organized outdoor activity, many students blessed with some free time are looking to fill the void with new hobbies. For those Cornellians loading up on credits, spending an abundance of time hunched over a computer in our dorms, many are looking for a low-anxiety, low-commitment, screen-free way to unwind. Or maybe you’re just looking for a mental health boost — understandable amidst such an in-flux, crazy year. With all the time we spend indoors, and for all of the reasons above, I’d like to recommend a cheap, surprisingly rewarding, soothing way to destress that has become one of my personal favorite activities and can add to your day in a number of scientifically-proven ways. All you need are a few seeds, an LED light, some soil in a pot and pH neutral water to get started.

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ROSENBAND | May Her Memory Be A Revolution

On the night of Sept. 18 the world lost a shining light and a bulwark of our democracy with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54. A beloved wife, mother, grandmother, a champion of women’s rights and human rights, Justice Ginsburg carried the burdens of the world on her shoulders. At just 5’ 1” tall, oftentimes soft-spoken but always fearless, she towered over us all and will be remembered as one of the greatest women who have ever lived. I have never cried this hard over someone I never knew.

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘54 loved Cornell. She spent much of her life near the Hill in Washington, but she never forgot our Hill in Ithaca. She often fondly recalled her undergrad years and she remained an active alumna, frequently giving her time to the University. And the Cornell community loves Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As one of our most notable alums, her name is commonly invoked as a point of pride.

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CONTRERAS | An Ode to Our Trailblazers

Two nights ago, we lost a trailblazing feminist and a hero. In her black cloak, she towered — not in height but in power — and meticulously paved the way for women’s liberation. And just like other revolutionaries before her, Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54 died without seeing the world she envisioned come to life. She spent her last moments in a country that is crumbling. In a place where innocent Black and brown individuals are shot in the streets — and they’re falling.

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BERNSTEIN | The End of All Snow Days

Now, everyone will have to face the music. We don’t get to take days off without consequence — and doing so feels wrong, especially during a pandemic and other crises.

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GUEST ROOM | Create a Mixed-Race Studies Department at Cornell

The future is mixed. Since its founding, Cornell has served as a shining beacon in the fight for the inclusivity of women, POC, the LGBT+ community and people with disabilities in higher education. If Cornell truly believes in its motto, “Any Person, Any Study,” this new area of study and research into mixed-race individuals would fit like a glove into the ideals of this institution, and be a good step in developing future curricula as the United States’ demographic evolves.