Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | Am I a Doomed Gay?

There’s no time to be an ingenue when you’re an upperclassman. I’ve slowly come to the understanding that by the end of my first two years of college, I should’ve been out on weekends, flirting with cute guys and making my debut into the realm of dating and hookup apps. Now I’ve reached the final stages of undergrad only to realize that I damned myself for the first two years of college that I spent on weekend movie nights with my friends, drinking from the comfort of our home, dancing to our own music in our own rooms.

Because now, after meeting with a guy once or twice, there’s an underlying assumption that I’m supposed to be putting out. The courtship ritual shifts within a week from friendly texts and witty banter into late-night Snapchats that I don’t really want to open. After hanging out with a guy for a few hours one time in public, suddenly I’m at fault for not wanting to come over at 12 a.m. Everyone’s supposed to be on board with casual sex.


DZODZOMENYO | Ten Things to Consider This Black History Month

It’s Black History Month, which means my parents are sending frequent reminders of black achievements in the family group chat; I’ve got the Broadway revival of Ragtime blasting around the clock, and the 86 percent of Americans who aren’t black are caught between confusion and apathy. But for all of us, it’s an opportunity to envision an America where black history is a far more integral part of our society’s identity than the shortest month of the year. Here are 10 things I’ve considered lately that could help get us there. 1. (Re)consider the narrative about civil rights icons like MLK
Martin Luther King Jr’s death is recalled by most Americans as this quasi-messianic event in which King volunteered himself to die for America’s transgressions in order to end racism, sin, death and eternal separation from God (characterized by the cartoonishly racist hell of pre-1970’s America).


ROSENBAND | How to Write the Perfect Resume

If your unique set of opportunities that culminate on an 8×11 piece of paper can open doors for you, then you would be a fool not to walk through. But you have to hold those same doors open for the next person.

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BETTEZ | ‘Parasite’ and the One-Inch Barrier

Regardless, the only thing we can do, as viewers, is to support. Give Old Boy by the same director as Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho, a try. You can’t go wrong with the other nominees of this year, like Honeyland or Pain and Glory. To ensure the enduring power and success of diverse films in the American consciousness, the best endorsement we can provide are our eyes and ears.

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GUEST ROOM | The Pressures of Queer Dating at Cornell

I get agita when I talk to my straight friends about dating. Though we do have much in common — from dealing with ghosting to heartbreak — Valentine’s Day for mingling queer students has its own set of pressures that straight people won’t ever have to deal with.

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STELLA | Nobody’s Likin’ This American Boy

Despite our best efforts to blend in with the locals, Americans often stand out even before we even display our unattractive accents. Countries around the globe hold stereotypes about tourists from the States: We’re loud, obnoxious, oblivious of our surroundings and worst of all, ignorant, especially towards other cultures. If you’ve traveled outside the U.S. and interacted with locals, you’ve probably felt some judgement or critical stares. To be fair, a lot of the time Americans stay true to a lot of these stereotypes. One lovely tradition at Cornell, as with countless other colleges, is a Spring Break beach getaway.

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BARAN | Alcoholic Framework

“Ever heard of beer, bro?”

American drinking culture, especially male drinking culture, is seriously flawed. No matter what anyone may say, there is an implicit pressure on young adults to consider drinking a fun pastime with no serious consequences. The explicit pressure is largely nonexistent, but the status quo, especially in Greek life, encourages drinking. Our worldview is to see drinking as innocuous. If someone chooses to abstain from alcohol, that choice is accepted — but usually with reluctance and without in-depth consideration of the reasons behind their abstinence.