WANG | Abolish Legacy Preference in College Admissions

Once again, college application season is upon us. Even in this extraordinarily unprecedented time, millions of high schoolers are getting ready to apply to one of the approximately 2800 four-year colleges in America. Many have already submitted applications through early or rolling admission. All of this means we should once again talk about the persisting inequities in the college process. Recently, discussions over how fair the college process truly is has come up as a result of the debate over affirmative action and the recent college admissions scandal known as Operation Varsity Blues.

STELLA | Senior Citizenship in College

It’s reasons like these that we no longer feel the wind in our face in our chipper walks to campus, but instead feel awfully similar to Chevy Chase in Community.

SEX ON THURSDAY | I Actually Tried the Games on Porn Sites

They have always tormented me on the margins of my screen: these flashing banners with the promise of voluptuous, bouncing anime titties. I have restrained myself from clicking on them, knowing full well the forbidden games might strike my laptop with an assortment of viruses and pop-ups. It’s not like I needed a flash game to fulfill my needs when the usual gang bang sufficed. I curbed my curiosity for long enough. The orgasming animations beckoned to me, not out of lust, but out of spite.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Lao Tze and The Art of Post-Coital Banter

The date itself was great. As recent Ivy grads living in New York do, we met on Hinge, the millennial’s go-to catalog of both eligible and ineligible singles. The digital prelude consisted of playful digs atCornell and Columbia’s sports programs, obligatory “Fuck Trump” talk and our shared affection for the filmography of Marty Scorcese. After a few days of feigned interest in her gap year in Italy (“ugh im soo jealous – ive always heard naples is beautiful”) and mutual social media vetting, we agreed to meet at a ramen joint in the East Village. 

She happened to live a few blocks away (what a convenient coincidence), so we went back to her place to smoke some medicinal reefer. And after a joint and nine minutes of Scorcese’s criminally underappreciated 2011 masterpiece Hugo, we found our way to her bedroom where, without too much detail (basically – me on top, her on top, me on top, sideways, me from the back, concluding with an unironic congratulatory high-five) and with the clarity of hindsight, I can confidently say we enjoyed one of the three greatest sexual experiences of my life. 

Sweaty and spread-eagled on her bed, we passed each other a Menthol Juul, listening to Daniel Caesar’s romantic banalities humming in the background.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Narcissism and Rape Culture in Cornell’s Fraternities

Content Warning: This article contains a discussion of rape culture and sexual assault.

Dear Cornelia,

At Cornell, I feel like there is a sense of entitlement and superiority among guys in frats which creates a predatory environment. What’s the deal with that? 

-Frat Freaked

Hi Frat Freaked,

Thanks for your question. While I am no expert, I do have a few theories.  The essence of your question is rape culture in fraternities. And yes, it is prevalent here at Cornell. Anecdotally, ask anyone that’s ever been to a frat party or a date night and they will describe the uneven male to female ratios, the creepy grabbiness of men on dance floors, the pressure to hook-up with dates or the drinking that blurs lines of consent.