DERY | Wired In: The Campus Wide Implications of Choosing Headphones

It was easy to think, at least when looking past the masks, that our campus wasn’t in a pandemic this past week. From the groups of students lounging on the Arts Quad to the bustling Collegetown streets, it feels as if this is the closest it’s been to “normal” since the start of COVID. And through the lively campus ambience, one seemingly minor observation stuck with me. As I took a seat on a bench before the Arts Quad, I couldn’t help but notice someone running past me listening to music without earbuds. AC/DC, a friend beside me pointed out.

CHEN | Imposter Syndrome 101

It was my sophomore year of high school.  Worries about college applications had just barely come in and the hormone influxes were running high. Back then, I was still able to wake up at six in the morning and eat three meals a day, and my heftiest anxiety was about if my video submission to run for junior officer of Science National Honor Society would make the cut. The day after I had submitted it and let it slip to someone that I was in the running, a peer asked me if I was smart enough to run. I was stunned, but felt three main emotions. First, disbelief in her ability to ask me that out loud.

DELGADO | A Message to Cornell Dining Staff: Thank You

Not all heroes wear capes at Cornell University, but some share this common attribute: responsibility for our student population’s nourishment. Over the past decade, Cornell Dining has placed within the top 10 of U.S. dining hall services based on student satisfaction, sustainability initiatives and versatility, among other factors. Furthermore, Cornell boasts ten fully functional, unique dining halls — and various cafés and quick-stop shops — accessible to students, faculty and staff. At times, however, the efforts of Cornell Dining’s staff are overlooked, especially by the student body.  

During my first year as an undergraduate, I often found myself dashing to Appel Commons with my peers, diving into the endless buffet of turkey burgers, sesame chicken and collard greens. Food creation is an under appreciated art which maintains our homeostasis necessary to complete daily tasks, and its curators are no less than artists themselves.

RIZVI | Cornell Isn’t Doing Enough to Facilitate Vaccinations

Vaccination statistics were recently released on Cornell’s COVID-19 dashboard and the results are disappointing. As of yesterday, April 6, 16 percent of the on-campus population is fully vaccinated compared to the New York State average of 21.2 percent. It isn’t hard to see why: it’s almost impossible to get a vaccination within Ithaca, and impossible to do so on-campus. 

As of yesterday, April 6, all on-campus Cornellians are eligible to get the vaccine in New York State. However, to do so they would need to travel to either a mass vaccination site in Cortland, Corning, Syracuse or Binghamton, or travel to the neighboring towns of Elmira or Oswego to get vaccinated at a pharmacy. Vaccinations are being administered at pharmacies in Ithaca, but as of today, these appointments are all booked. 

Tompkins County only offers a bus service to Binghamton’s vaccination site.

CHANG | Where Have the Good Times Gone?

I remember my senior year of high school fondly — perhaps a little too fondly. I took weekend trips to Kansas City and Chicago with my group of friends (any city is a big deal when you grow up next to corn in the Midwest). We hung out every day after school for hours and stayed up way too late after prom. I almost failed my government class but laughed it off, became friends with my teacher and got lucky enough to retake an exam (sorry Stuelpe!), graduate and end up in Ithaca in the fall nearly four years ago. Where has that senior energy gone?

YANG | Are Han(汉) Chinese the “White People” of China?

As a Chinese citizen in America, the huge spike in anti-Asian violence since last year shakes me to my core. Stuck in Ithaca, I certainly feel helpless. As a Chinese student in America who, at the moment, has no plans to obtain American citizenship, these attacks should have been an opportunity for solidarity between the two groups. In the eyes of many of these hate-fueled attackers, there is no difference between us. Solidarity, on some level, has indeed occurred.

YAO | Give Me a Break

During one of the wellness days in March, I took the advice on the Cornell University Instagram page to take a long walk around campus and refresh. My sense of rejuvenation lasted for all of two and a half minutes until I remembered an assignment deadline fast approaching. I spent the majority of those two days catching up on work and cramming for a quiz scheduled for the Friday of that week. Based on the number of people hunched over laptops in the Physical Sciences Building where I was studying, I wasn’t the only one who viewed wellness days as synonymous with workdays. 

I hate to break it to you, Cornell, but four random days off during the semester don’t count as a real “mental health break.” Even during a non-pandemic semester, by this point in the year students are running on fumes. Spring break usually acts as an oasis of reprieve within the mid-semester slump and offers a chance to muster up enough motivation to tackle the latter part of the semester.

BARDMESSER | Bring Boardman Back

Disregarding Olin, the Arts Quad is architecturally cohesive. McGraw, Morrill, and White Hall form a symmetrical, vaguely gothic trio. While the buildings themselves may be crumbling and held together by metal beams, in part due to the chronic underfunding of the humanities, they’re nevertheless exactly what you would picture an Ivy League university to look like, especially with the iconic Slope right behind it.

BUONANNO | The Campus Code Needs a COVID-Specific Revision

Countless irresponsible acts on campus go unchecked every day. For those living in Collegetown and on North, it is not a secret that student organizations are still throwing social events. What the Code needs right now is a COVID-19 specific amendment which lays out a comprehensive and clear system by which disciplinary action is assigned to those in violation of the Behavioral Compact.

STELLA | Thank You For Coming Out of The Womb First

My brother guided me through clubfest (giving your email to too many groups will result in non-stop notifications), our ever-hated DUST report (is that only for Arts & Sciences?), and Greek life rush. He gave me advice without ever trying to sway me to do or join the things he did.