What Even is Laziness?

It took me about a month to write this. Not to finish, but just to start. I’m not exactly sure why, but part of the problem is that this semester has been exhausting. It’s like everyone’s trying to make up for lost time, and I’ve overcommitted. By a lot.

They’re Not All That: How Can TikTok Creators Be Compensated?

It turns out that it’s more complicated than it should be. While Congress has guidelines to determine which choreographed moves can be protected under copyright, it isn’t as easy to say that you know with certainty a dance you created belongs to you the same way someone could argue that a song is theirs. 

Lights, Camera, Ithaca?

Now, as I pass the roaring Triphammer Falls and run my fingers along the walls of the rugged Ithaca Commons shops, I can sense the liveliness of each landmark, as if they are screaming lights, camera, action!  

Love the Way You Hate(d) Me: The Enemies-to-Lovers Trope

Bringing this ideal out from fiction and into real life is dangerous, especially in the young adult genre where it is highly popular because it could drive those without an idea of how a relationship ought to be into a partnership with an abuser.