Slasher, Semi-Slasher, Proto-Slasher, or Something Else

Through feministic critiques and reclaimings, mainstream mockeries, Reagan-era fear campaigns and Twitter reclamations, the slasher has weathered the storm of controversy and emerged as a recognizable premise that can even be endorsed when introduced in a popular culture saturated with intellectual property and so-called “elevated horror” (as was the case with this year’s X).

Canons of Horror: Something Spooky

Each year, around this time, when the first icy breeze hits me, but I’m not quite ready to be shocked or frightened, I turn to spooky films and TV, allowing myself to settle in without being scared to fall asleep on a lonely night.

What I Found in the Earth

I will never feel so suddenly close to the sense of a Roman individual as I did finding — with a magpie glance — a little glass bead in the dust, rolled away from some necklace or bracelet into the shadows. I will never appreciate time’s relentless interment of human traces more than when I was brushing layer after layer of beaten or tiled floors, all stacked atop one another like one big earthen lasagna.


More often than not, the tattoos stand to memorialize something and represent an important part of someone’s story.

A Tribute to Lo-Fi

As the new school year approaches, it’s once again time for me to settle back into my study routine, which means re-acquainting myself with someone I haven’t seen all summer: the Lo-fi Girl.

The Ugliness of Animal Cruelty

I simply wish for people to observe the hypocrisy and speciesism when “animal lovers” lambast the cat and dog meat trade but view livestock as inanimate entities, despite the fact that they are sentient beings capable of pain and visceral feelings.