A Spirited Comeback: Trevor Wallace Visits Bailey Hall

Before the beginning of his set, the atmosphere in Bailey was rife with anticipation. After a spirited introduction, Wallace took to the stage with a rapturous “wassup dawg?!” and began his routine with enthusiasm and aplomb. During his set, Wallace explored various topics, including his confusion about the meaning of Level B’s name, humorous commentary about a drive-in strip club in Texas and his own college experiences at a self-described “state school,” where he majored in film and joined a fraternity. He imbued all of these topics with his laidback self-assuredness and caustic wit.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Brings its Powerful Message to Film

Having watched the musical on Broadway, I was ecstatic to see how Dear Evan Hansen translated to the format of a movie. I can say without a doubt that I was blown away by how powerfully the film came across in its depiction of mental illness and reminders of the persistence of hope through tragedies and mistakes. Audiences are sure to leave the theater feeling moved by the film’s strong emotions.  

Inside the Cornell Dance Team

CUDT represents Cornell on a national level at competitions and events across the college dance community. We straddle the line between a dance group and a varsity sport, as we perform at varsity sporting events and represent the school nationally, but are technically registered as a student club. The team was founded in 2017 with only five dancers. Since then, CUDT has expanded to 23 members.

Festival 24 Makes an In-Person Comeback With a Bit of Luck

After a year of virtual shows, the Performing and Media Arts Department’s fan-favorite event — Festival 24 — recently made an in-person comeback. At 7:30 p.m. this past Saturday, students returned to the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts to wait in line in hopes of securing a seat for this live theater event.

Sexism Within the Video Game Industry

The problem of sexual harrassment and discrimination in the industry has run rampant for years; Activision is just the flag bearer. Recently, there have been resignations among senior members at Ubisoft as a result of sexual assault allegations and the California fair employment agency has gone after Riot Games for the same issues. Hopefully, the traction of these lawsuits will be enough to cause a major turning point for harassment in the industry. 

Movie Contracts in the Age of Streaming

A lack of transparency about movie metrics on streaming services has persisted since the founding of Netflix. Questions about how viewership translates into revenue and whether or not certain productions draw in new subscribers remain unanswered

Cryptovoxels and the Emerging Crypto Art Scene

What began as a mid-pandemic shift to virtual art galleries once suffocated by the age of digital reproduction has evolved into an emerging contemporary art scene, now nourished by a new age of digital ownership.