QUE | Is That Funny?

When you are not Chinese or of East Asian descent, you probably don’t understand or haven’t experienced firsthand the political implications of this health crisis, so think twice when you are about to make a distasteful joke.

Chinese citizens pay respects at a shrine to Dr. Len Wenliang.

YANG | Hear the People Sing

Chinese people have become conditioned to speak almost exclusively in euphemisms when discussing politics, especially on public platforms. Being straightforward would only lead to getting one’s post deleted, one’s account deactivated, or worse, being “invited” to “have tea” with law enforcement.

Fans celebrate the victory of the San Francisco Shock in the 2018 Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Esports’ Most Ambitious Leap Yet

Are gamers truly able to undergo similar travelling schedules to traditional athletes while maintaining their rigorous training routines? Are there enough fans willing to buy tickets to watch their favorite teams? Will this work at all?