Is ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Something Old or Something New

As a former Bachelor franchise addict, I was very intrigued by the concept of The Golden Bachelor. The Bachelor is one of the original, most popular dating shows which is premised around one seemingly perfect man who has 20 seemingly perfect women competing for his love. This year, ABC created The Golden Bachelor, which is this exact premise, except all the contestants are elderly. I started watching out of curiosity, but was pleasantly surprised at how invested I became. 

From a perspective that judges purely based upon entertainment value, I think the show is very good. Every week, I get excited to watch the new episode, though the elderly kissing is a bit uncomfortable.

Hater Tuesday: My Biggest Book Pet Peeves

As someone who reads at least three novels a week, I consider myself a bit of a book connoisseur. I have devoured a number of excellent books, and I have also slogged through quite a few that were not my favorite. The sheer volume of literature I’ve consumed has allowed me to hone my list of dislikes, from physical flaws in a paperback or  boring storylines. 

The Newest Percy Jackson Book is An Ode to College-Age Fans

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, an event occurred which many had long deemed impossible: Bestselling  author Rick Riordan released a brand new book featuring his beloved protagonist Percy Jackson.  Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods marks the first book with Percy as a main character, along with his two best friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, since the release of The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus in 2014. It is clear from the mass excitement about Percy’s return after almost ten years that loyal Percy Jackson fans never have, and never will, forget their childhood hero. 

Javelin Brings Together Sufjan Stevens’ Musical History

Sufjan has a very broad discography, having released 13 studio albums, three soundtracks, 13 EPs, two mixtapes and more since 1999. He has a beautiful habit of making music to cope with tragedy. In 2015, he released Carrie and Lowell, inspired by the death of his mother, and in October, he released Javelin, dedicated to his late partner, Evan Richardson, whom he lost in April. The album takes us through his grief, which reveals itself through his tired voice and intricate lyrics that wax and wane through the hopelessness and hopefulness of losing someone you love too early.

Fashion at Cornell: The Student Outfit Blueprint

College campuses are presented with a unique situation when it comes to fashion. With such a large collective of students with similar social influences (at least in terms of interacting on campus) and similar clothing stores in close proximity, there is, despite a still widely varied sense of style, a sort of hive mind when it comes to how to dress. Students noticeably follow the same fashion trends, oftentimes down to the same pieces of clothing. This can be viewed at a generational level as well, but on college campuses especially, emerging trends wash over the student body quickly and intensely, often fading in just the same way to yield to the next craze. 

At Cornell specifically, while the transition from summer to fall wardrobes has begun, there are certainly silhouettes and styles that have prevailed as the first semester fashion template. Staples of the “Cornell look” include flowy maxi skirts, especially white linen ones, as well as open back tops.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie Proves That Swift Really Is A “Mastermind”

Look what we made her do. With the release of her album Midnights just under a year ago, the announcement of The Eras Tour soon after, nine months of touring and the release of the rerecorded Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift has accomplished more in a year than most of us could dream to do in a lifetime. And she didn’t stop there — Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Movie was released on Oct. 13 and has quickly shattered records.

The Strange

The strange create out of a necessity to express what is missing around them, but it turns out that once shared, the idea or emotion is often relatable to many. 

The Rolling Stones Prove that (Hackney) Diamonds Truly Are Forever

On Friday, Oct. 20, the Rolling Stones released their 24th album, Hackney Diamonds. This was their first album release in 18 years, and it included two songs recorded in 2019 with the Stones’ late drummer Charlie Watts, who died in 2021 at 80 years old. According to NPR, Watts had chosen Steve Jordan as his replacement should the need arise. In much of the lead-up to the record’s release, however, many seemed less concerned with the new percussionist and the content of Hackney Diamonds, but rather with the band members’ ages: Mick Jagger being 80, Keith Richards being 79 and Ronnie Wood being 76. 

Yves Tumor at Cornell Homecoming

Yves Tumor played the 2023 Cornell Homecoming Concert this Sunday at Barton Hall for an extremely excited crowd of several hundred students and alumni. 

Tumor, born Sean Lee Bowie in Miami, is an American musician with a cult following who has been releasing music under the Yves Tumor name since 2015. According to Dazed, Tumor began experimenting with music as a way of escaping the “dull, conservative surroundings” of Knoxville, Tennessee, where they grew up. The desire to break boundaries and escape traditional norms is evident in their music. Tumor’s discography covers a wide variety of genres, to the point that the only link between some of their songs is the fact that they sound nothing like anything you’ve heard before. However, Tumor is best described as a modern rock artist with experimental roots, blending the classic genre with electronic and psychedelic influences. 

Tumor’s individuality is also displayed in the wide range of artists, engineers and producers they work with.