DJ Diesel: Getting Hype With One of the NBA’s Biggest Stars

DJ Diesel’s set was a worthwhile experience, improving in quality with each song and mixing enough genres for a wide range of tastes to enjoy. There’s only so much hype that can be generated over Zoom as opposed to in-person, especially with a laggy connection, but Shaq did an admirable job at rising to the challenge with his visuals, body language and facial expressions all on point.

PONTIN | Can’t Repeat the Past?

I would suggest that our predilection to concentrate on the explosion of arts and culture in the 1920s is not a means of purposefully concealing the decade’s true identity, but rather the result of a phenomenon in historiography. While the period was not entirely admirable, its likability is escalated by comparison.

Suncast Episode 2: Arts Off the Hill — Ithaca’s Vibrant Music Scene

In the second episode of Suncast, Senior Editor Emma Plowe ‘23 comes on to talk about the music scene in Ithaca. We discuss the different music events that go on outside Cornell’s campus, how students can get involved and how the pandemic has impacted local musicians. The episode also features Elizabeth Steuelke, the lead singer of a local band, and her thoughts on why she loves Ithaca and how she got into music.

Plein Air Painting and Reflecting Constant Change

Painting en plein air is an old way of breaking out of the so-called predetermined results of painting in a studio, the sort of thing famous old painters did in French gardens while wearing excellent hats. But you can make it whatever you like. Consider it an exercise in presence.

“Performing Bla(Q)!!” A Celebration of Black Media

While they sometimes touch on the harsh realities of the current political moment, the creators pride themselves on keeping their show a celebration of Black performing arts. A.T. explains, “We have to continue to find some way to pull up joy, uplift, and be there for one another, because nobody else is.”