It’s the Season of the Sticks

Stick season is known in Vermont as a time of transition, a feeling that underlies the album throughout changing relationships, towns and seasons.

Never Have I Ever… Been a Chill Girl

“You’re never too much, and you’re always enough,” Devi’s mother tells her in the penultimate episode of Never Have I Ever Season Three. The show’s new season is an ode to the intense girl, a love poem to the teenager who feels things a little too strongly.

Halloween Movies That Are More Treat Than Trick

Horror movies might be the first thing that come to mind when thinking about what to watch for Halloween, but if you’re anything like me and scary movies aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of non-scary movies on Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that are perfect for those nights when you want more treats than tricks.

Slasher, Semi-Slasher, Proto-Slasher, or Something Else

Through feministic critiques and reclaimings, mainstream mockeries, Reagan-era fear campaigns and Twitter reclamations, the slasher has weathered the storm of controversy and emerged as a recognizable premise that can even be endorsed when introduced in a popular culture saturated with intellectual property and so-called “elevated horror” (as was the case with this year’s X).

An Afternoon with Solmaz Sharif — Worth It?

For poetry newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike, Solmaz Sharif’s reading was delightfully provocative in its presentation of beauty, oppression and violence in cultural and political landscapes.