Protestors marching in Manhattan on Saturday, June 6.

Engage In Non-Optical Allyship For Black Lives Matter

Much like being an avid hip hop music consumer who dips in and out of Black culture when convenient is unacceptable, to post online but avoid the work of activism is to culturally appropriate this movement to feel like a good person or, especially for those who were noticeably late to show support, avoid being labeled a bad one.

Abi Bernard '19, at work on her keyboard.

No Idle Hands: Mourning and Memorializing Through Music

“There are so many things I’m disappointed and sad that didn’t happen because of a virus. The list is too long to name honestly.” Over the phone, she pauses in quiet remembrance of the commencements, weddings and events that never came to pass. “But this suffering isn’t being wasted. And I can show I have hope through music.”