TEST SPINS | Dayglow Brings More Sunshine on Harmony House

Harmony House started as the soundtrack to a fictional sitcom. Sloan Struble, the man behind the music/dayglow, was inspired by the soft rock of the late 70s and early 80s, as well as the old TV show Cheers. From the synths to the lyrics, the whole album is drenched in the welcoming, nostalgic vibe of an old sitcom.

A Seat at The Table: Five Years Later

The production and the lyrics of the album were breathtaking, and five years later, it still forms the paradox of an album that is both timely and timeless.

girl in red Versus Healthy Queer Relationships

In her upcoming album if I could make it all go quiet, set to release this Friday, musician girl in red presents herself as a tortured artist who struggles to treat people — especially women — well, due to her own deteriorating mental health.

The Kid LAROI: Playing the Anti-Hero

It’s hard to toss an old mindset in a dustbin and sweep it away. LAROI has gone through the vicissitudes of life in a short 17 year span. This experience has created the ambiguous lens through which he now views the world. So, to create a coherent view of himself and the world around him, The Kid LAROI often eschews reality and creates his own.

The Story of Starting Over

“Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over” truly takes the listener on this journey, from being in the midst of her dark moments, to finally being in a good place. The album is raw, honest and extremely emotional.