YANDAVA | One Minute Friends

Well, I might have lost the ability to make these one-minute friends, but for the time being, I can at least find consolation in the fictional friends of one hour.

YANG | Subtitles Are So Political

In the case of Hulu, the lack of dubbing and subtitles for its non-English-speaking films is a blatant example of an illusional gesture of inclusion.

YANDAVA | Louise Glück’s Poetry of Resilience

Returning to the books one used to read as a teenager often registers the same unpleasant surprise as finding old photographs of oneself: The words do not sparkle as much, the quotations hastily scribbled down in one’s diary are revealed to be too cliché, too overwrought and stultifying, just as one’s posture is worse, one’s smile decidedly more crooked than one remembers.