Bertolt Brecht, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

YANDAVA | The Music-Makers

Although music and art don’t have magical healing powers (I’m the sort of person who tends to frown upon the sometimes simplistic view of art as therapy), I have often found that they unblock emotions that the grind of daily life forces me to suppress out of the necessity to function in the world.


QUE | Acknowledgements

Cinema has been my escape for as long as I can remember, and I want to recreate that space in some way, for myself and hopefully for others. Perhaps that’s another reason why I linger after the movies: I never feel ready to leave.

"Valley of the Yosemite" (1864) by Albert Bierstadt

SIMS | Shortness of Breath

There is a real human experience in coming upon something and becoming so excited or inspired or impressed by it that, momentarily, the aesthetic experience supersedes breathing.