November 8, 2015

Garrett to Visit Alumni on International Tour

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Correction appended

President Elizabeth Garrett is embarking on a six-month tour, aspiring to connect with Cornellians across the nation and overseas and explore Cornell’s role as a “global university.”

Garrett’s presidential tour, which was organized by the Division of Alumni Affairs, includes 12 stops in locations including Washington D.C., Seattle, Mumbai, Beijing and Hong Kong, according to the University.

Jim Mazza ’88, associate vice president for alumni affairs, said the tour will allow Garrett to interact directly with a diverse selection of alumni and discuss her vision for Cornell’s future.

“Thanks to our close partnerships with, and the good work of, Cornell club volunteers around the globe, this tour promises to be a terrific opportunity to introduce our inspiring president to Cornellians far and wide,” Mazza said in a University press release.

Garrett also said she is eager to connect with Cornellians nationally and internationally, both to present her priorities for Cornell and to receive feedback.

“Cornell is a global university, and I want to connect with our alumni, families and friends in the places they now live and work,” Garrett said in the release. “This tour will give me insights about our spirited and diverse Cornell community, as I share my own vision and passion for our great university.”

The tour’s first stop will be in Washington D.C. on November 10. According to the event’s website, nearly 300 people have already indicated they are planning to attend the event, many of them alumni.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that 50 people have indicated that they plan on attending the tour’s stop in Washington, D.C. In fact, as of Monday morning, nearly 300 people have indicated that they plan on attending the event. 

  • Catbert

    Six months seems like a long time to be away. Will she be back in time for graduation, at least?

  • Evan

    I’m going to be in debt up to my eyeballs for years to come and the Cornell is wasting money for the president to go on a six month vacation? Has she been on the job long enough to leave campus for this long? What a travesty.

    • Jack

      It’s a lot more complicated than spending money just to meet people. Universities and colleges run on an endowment, alumni donations and some money from governments and other sources. Some of the funding sources tend to get earmarked (e.g., alumni who only want Engineering College to get the money or a fan of the football team wants his money only for the football team). Plus, sometimes you have to spend money in order to get/make money–which they call “investment”, kind of like putting money on the stock market, knowing the risks involved. The university does vet out programs/projects such as this 6-month tour, to see if it makes financial sense. If you want more information, Cornell’s Division of Financial Affairs publishes reports on a periodic basis where the money comes from and where they go.
      (I’m just an alumnus interested in where my donations go.)

  • Sunny

    Six months! Isn’t that a bit long? But that really caught my eye when I picked up today’s Daily Sun. Hope the money will be well-spent!