Construction takes down West stands in Schoellkopf field

Karly Krasnow / Sun Staff Photographer

Construction takes down West stands in Schoellkopf field

March 10, 2016

West Schoellkopf Stands Torn Down Due to Underuse, Disrepair

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The west stands across from the Crescent at Schoellkopf Field are in the process of being torn down due to underuse and potential safety hazards, according to Jen Baker, associate director of athletics.

William Sitzabee, associate vice president of engineering and project administration, said the University decided to disassemble the stands “in lieu of an expensive repair for a facility that was underutilized and not needed.”

“They had reached a state of disrepair that limited their use to a point where they were no longer effective,” Sitzabee said.

Schoellkopf Field is the home of Big Red football, sprint football and men’s and women’s lacrosse. The west stands were added in 1947, increasing the stadium capacity to 25,597, according to the University.

President Garrett and the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee — the committee that oversees approval for university projects with budgets over $500,000 — approved the decision last December, according to Sitzabee.

  • Sad at Schoellkopf

    Are there any plans to build anything to replace the west stands? Even my small high school has stands on both sides of the field.

    • John Randall

      Maybe a chair.

  • Cornell 97′

    Even buying some replacement aluminum stands isn’t that great of an expense. What a great view of the parking garage we have now.

  • Michael A. Smith (1969)

    There was a time, 40-50 years ago, when the west stands were the home side of the field. The coach at the time did not like staring into the sun when he was on the Crescent side of the field, so he moved the Cornell bench to the west side.

  • Cornell grad in DC.

    Underuse? That sounds like a weak excuse. How about building a winning football program. Come on Cornell, as others point out, even high schools have stands on the opposite side for visiting fans and their bands.

  • Sad at Schoellkopf

    Cornell raised over $6.3 billion in the recently completed capital campaign. Did the athletic department attempt to raise funds so we could have stands on both sides of Schoellkopf?

  • -TZ

    What better way to motivate alumni to donate than to have missing stands?

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  • Gloomy Gil

    What a pathetic excuse for a football program. 3rd rate all the way.

  • Gloomy Gil

    I didn’t mean to slam the football program they have given me many years of enjoyment even throughout the bad years. But the Cornell administration kiss my a## !

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  • Mark S. Wolcott ’83

    I attended some Big Red lacrosse games this spring at Schoellkopf Stadium and the site of the parking garage as our back drop where the West Stands once stood is very ugly to say the least. Unlike the other seven Ivy League schools, the majority of our Cornell alumni and parents have to drive or fly a minimum of four to six hours plus to Ithaca. Our alumni and parents generally travel back to Cornell for four major events, Homecoming, Council-Trustee Weekend, Graduation, and Reunion. Schoellkopf Stadium is used for three out of four of those events. Since fund raising is a major priority of the university, you would think the Cornell administration could do better than a partially condemned stadium with bathrooms that are more disgusting than a back woods truck stop.