April 20, 2016

IMF Director Appointed Cornell’s Chief Investment Officer

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Kenneth Miranda, the director of the International Monetary Fund’s investment office, has been appointed Cornell’s new chief investment officer, Provost and Acting President Michael Kotlikoff announced today.

Beginning on July 1, Miranda will manage the University’s six billion dollar investment portfolio and head the Office of University Investments, according to a University release.

Since 2000, Miranda has been the director of IMF’s investment office; he has been a member of the University Board of Trustees’ Investment Committee since February 2012, the release said.

Miranda is to succeed A.J. Edwards, who stepped down last March as chief investment officer. The role of interim co-chief investment officers is currently filled by senior investment officers Cody Danks Burke and Roger Vincent.

  • Seymour Butts

    Hopefully, Mr. Miranda can reverse SUNY-Ithaca’s appallingly poor endowment performance. He’s what – the fifth Chief Investment Officer to work at SUNY-Ithaca since 2003? He appears credentialed, and experienced, and he seems like a complete departure from the last 4 used car salesmen, that the Board of Trustees hired to serve as Chief Investment Officer. SUNY-Ithaca deserves better from its Board of Trustees