Not my president | Protestors demonstrated against Trump’s election from Ithaca to New York city Wednesday.

Hiroko Masuike / The New York Times

Not my president | Protestors demonstrated against Trump’s election from Ithaca to New York city Wednesday.

November 10, 2016

C.U. Student Minority Groups Anticipate ‘Disheartening’ Increase in Marginalization

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In the wake of the election of a president who has openly expressed suspicion and disdain for entire portions of the populace, Cornell minority groups have said they are “horrified” and enraged by Trump’s victory.

Stephanie Hahm ’17, president of the Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union, said the organization is “deeply worried” based on the rhetoric of this election cycle, which she believes will further the marginalization of minority communities.

Trump’s comments on Muslim Americans has also been particularly alarming for a group that already faces “immense difficulties” gaining acceptance in American society, according to Nabiha Qudsi ’18, president of the Muslim Educational and Cultural Association. The president elect has said he would consider using his position to prevent Muslims from immigrating to the United States. ­

“We are even more fearful than ever of the violence and discrimination that will inevitably be increased as a result of Trump’s rhetoric,” Qudsi said. “Many of us are afraid to continue day-to-day activities because of any discrimination that Trump will encourage.”

Akhilesh Issur ’17, Student Assembly international student liaison, added that Trump’s presidential policies will likely impact international students’ ability to work in the United States.

“The international student community stands in solidarity with the minorities that have utterly been disrespected in this election,” Issur said. “We also apprehend that it might be harder for international students to get job visas after graduation, as a result of a Trump presidency, but we respect the democratic choice of the American people.”

Erika Axe ’18, co-president of Mixed at Cornell, pointed out the irony of Trump taking the presidency immediately after Barack Obama, who is mixed race.

“This election is an insult to every mixed person and minority who has ever been told that our racial identity is not for ourselves to decide, or that we should go ‘back to where you came from,’” Axe said. “Where do we go? This ‘mixing pot’ country is our home. This is where we belong.”

Many student groups also shared their hope that Cornellians will be able to unite to counteract any that discrimination that Trump’s presidency may bring.

In a statement, Mixed at Cornell said they will continue to “extend open arms” to students seeking support, stressing that the mixed community “was born from the love between those of differing backgrounds and experiences.”

“It is incredibly disheartening to watch the safety and well-being of many of our friends, family and neighbors become threatened by an unwillingness to protect the diversity that exists in our nation,” the group said.

The Arab Student Association echoed Mixed’s intentions, saying they plan to strengthen their ties with other groups on campus that feel their culture or values are under attack.

Hahm added that she hopes the “immense grief” and anger currently pervading the Asian American community will translate into an impetus for social change.

“We’re seeing an immense sense of empathy and anger from others, which is something that we haven’t seen in a while,” Hahm said. “This is powerful for us as CAPSU, because it will add passion for coming together and mobilization to fight for a future that we believe everyone deserves.”

  • perspective

    If you have the privilege of attending an ivy league university, you have forfeited any right to complain about a lack of privilege or any sort of marginalization or oppression or not being given fair opportunities by society. Why don’t these kids go out into the world and see what real oppression is.

    • ivory tower


    • Alumnus

      How can you be serious? Yes, receiving an unmatched education is an amazing privilege. But you’re saying that students who have faced discrimination and prejudice their whole life have no right to be upset about it? They’ve struggled to gain acceptance, struggled to love their identity, and struggled to feel at home in their own country, now more than ever. And you’re saying they don’t have a right to be upset about these injustices. Does that mean that the first black college student in America had no right to be upset over discrimination and segregation during the civil rights movement? Reread what you wrote. It’s appalling.

  • Jason

    The left media, the socialist university professors have so brainwashed these poor students.

    America is the most tolerant country on the planet and Trump and the people that voted for him are too.

    Wake up students and stop being conformist to this propaganda of Trump being what these ignorant, intolorant professors and liberal media outlets have been spewing to you.

    The part of your brain that does logic and reason, it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and start using it!

    • Alumnus

      Ah, yes, the smartest professors and students in the world are clearly the problem here. They’re just not using those silly brains enough! Damn education, turning this country to shit!

      • George

        You can be smart and have no common sense. You can be smart and still feel that you need to be a sheep, too scared to break with the orthodoxy. That describes college professors. The thought of disagreeing politically with their colleagues is simply too horrifying to imagine.

        • Alumnus

          I agree that you can be smart and have no common sense. But when you take a massive group of people with similar backgrounds who overwhelmingly come to a consensus on something, the statistical differences in “common sense” balance out and it’s erased from the sample of people. It’s negligible. Maybe they’re on to something. Maybe when 97% of scientists strongly and vehemently believe the climate change is being accelerated by human action, they’re on to something. Maybe they shouldn’t disagree with their colleagues about these things, or about civil liberty, or climate change. They’re unified behind an idea. Stop being fearful of education and societal progress.

          • George

            When 95%+ of professors at elite schools are liberals, the likelihood is much greater that their proclamations are the result of groupthink rather than independently arrived at conclusions.

    • 2020

      First off, it’s spelled “intolerant”, not “intolorant”. We are not brainwashed. America may be perecieved to be tolerant, but it truly isn’t. America does not treat everyone equally. Jusf last night, a bus driver asked me if I spoke English. I remained calm and answered “yes” because I know others have it worse. Because I know I’m not the only one being marginalized. Using logic and reason, when one compares America to other countries, it’s obvious we are not “the most tolerant country in the planet”. Look right across the northern border. I don’t see any minority in Canada being upset because they are being marginalized and treated unfairly, or in countries such as Great Britain. However, I would not rather move. I would rather stay and work hard for equality. Racism existed before Trump, but it can only get worse now

      • RU Kidding

        You need to educate yourself about Great Britain and all of Europe. If you do not believe racism exists in those areas, you are sadly mistaken. Maybe spend 10 minutes online tonight and look up some of the incredibly racists events and attitudes in Europe. If you are lazy, just Google Prince Harry and his bi-racial girlfriend and you will see just how tolerant the Brits are these days.

        • 2020

          I never said it did not exist. I know it to exist worldwide, but not with the same magnitude as it occurs here.

      • I lived and worked in Canada for 11 years and if you think there are no “marginalized” and unfairly treated minorities in Canada you should maybe wake up and smell the coffee. Standing joke in Canada: Why did the Yanks get the blacks and we get the Indians? The Yanks got first choice! Perhaps some life experience commonly known as wisdom acquired with age might open your eyes somewhat. Marginalization/prejudice is all around us everywhere and we go on anyway. Try toughing it out instead of whining on behalf of the percieved masses of margenalized individuals.

        • 2020

          I just said it exists worldwide. I did also say we have no choice but to tough it out. I’m not whining, just trying to get people such as yourself to understand that this is a serious issue. America has never been truly safe, and neither has the world. But I know for a fact that it’s only becoming unsafer when we have the chance to make it safer

  • Stopbeinga Jerk

    The student’s experiences are valid even if you have not experienced them yourself. In fact they have experienced “real oppression” and if things were run the way Trump is likely to do it many of of them would not be attending an Ivy League university. University- even Cornell is not a magic pill that fixes everything and makes someone’s life easy and carefree going forward. It is time to stop calling people cry babies and consider that they have real problems too. Come together in a way that supports everyone. These groups feel left out, poor white people felt left out. This is how we ended up with a terrible election cycle and a reality TV star with a bad attitude as president-elect. Whatever people think of Trump’s “real talk” and “honesty” he is often just plain mean. Can’t we all do better rather than puffing ourselves up by feeling smug and better than others.

  • Ezra Tank

    The parents from late Baby Boomers to Gen Xers that raised these clueless spoiled brats should hang their heads in shame.

    Cornell was offering grief counseling from the election outcome? Are you SERIOUS? Stop it Cornell. You’re only making the shocking reality of real life that much harder for these little confused snowflakes. When they leave your Ivy walls and go into the REAL world where people pay mortgages, pay taxes, raise kids and get up to WORK every day these confused kids are going to be shocked thanks to your coddling.

    For these little spoiled brats who have the PRIVILEGE of receiving an Ivy League education to act like this is sad. These kids NEVER have seen war first hand, never knew what life was like before the internet or smart phones. Most of them probably grew up with running water, heat and a refrigerator full of food.

    The mindless professors that brain wash these kids with these liberal thoughts most likely have never worked a real job in their life.

    Snow flakes it’s called democracy. The WHOLE country voted. I’m sorry your candidate doesn’t always win. The whole country is sick and tired of catering to your every need. We’re sorry your parents didn’t teach you this and always said, “it’s okay here’s your trophy for losing.” Life is NOT like that. You fail in life and that’s okay. It’s what you do after you fail that counts but unfortunately most of you think you can just stomp your feet and carry uninformed protests signs instead.

    And to the people that are funding these “spontaneous” protest … shame on you.

    • 2020

      Actually. No. I did not always have running wate or a full fridge. My family and I lived in a house smaller or the same size as the dorm suite I live in now. I did not have a smart phone (until I turned 18). Yes the country voted but the country did not choose Trump. The electoral college did, and I understand that that’s our election process. I may not have seen war firsthand, but I have seen violence and a war against drugs where I’m from. I’ve lived a 38% poverty rate. I was not with Trump, I was not with Hillary. Am I upset? Yes. But there’s no choice but to stay tough

      • Ezra Tank

        I’m sorry you didn’t grow up in ideal condition. My father passed when I was six and my mom took 2 years to get us back on our feet so I know what it’s like to not always have food as well. But remember the media colluded with Hillary to first eliminate Bernie and then paint Trump into a monster. Yes Trump has a lot of warts but let’s give him a chance. If he fails we can rest assured our checks and balances of our Government will protect the country and in 2020 he will be sent packing.

        59,923,280 votes (47.7%) for Clinton

        59,693,895 votes (47.5%) for Trump

        Not exactly an over whelming difference. 230,000 or so votes. And remember states only count absentee ballots if the vote count is close. And lots of those absentee ballots are military who usually vote Republican.

  • Franie Leung

    In a democracy like ours, we have to work hard to change it even though a person as nasty as Trump appeared in his campaign trail got elected.

  • George

    This is a sovereign nation. We can keep out anyone we want for any reason. The Constitution does not ensure equal protection to immigrants, especially those here illegally.

    • Alumnus

      Oh, wonderful. Let’s start banning people from the country that was founded on principles of freedom just because we feel like it. That’s an excellent idea.


      • George

        Alumnus- you are incorrect. The Congress can deny immigrants the right to come to this country on whatever basis it chooses. Do some research. And thanks for your brilliant observation that immigrants are people. Who cares?

        • Alumnus

          That’s not really what I was getting at. I know Congress can do that. I meant that the constitution does ensure equal protection to immigrants in the sense of personal rights and civil liberties. They’re entitled to the same rights we are; they aren’t any less human. Aren’t we all created equally?

          • George

            They are equally human. But no, non-citizens do not have all of the same rights as citizens under the Constitution.