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November 28, 2016

Cornell Departments Support Undocumented Students

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Over 15 Cornell departments, programs and assemblies have released statements supporting undocumented students in response to concerns that Cornellians may face deportation after Donald Trump alters immigration policies.

These statements follow a petition published Nov. 18 and signed by over 2,000 Cornellians, requesting that the University to continue its financial support of undocumented students and become a “sanctuary campus” protecting students from deportation.

In a statement released yesterday, over 50 law school professors called upon the University to support undocumented students, as requested by the sanctuary petition, citing their “obligation” to protect civil rights “in a time when it appears they may be under attack.”

At its Nov. 21 meeting, the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly also passed a resolution in support of the petition. The resolution’s main goal was to create a “more official channel” for the petition to receive a response from the administration, as the president must respond to GPSA resolutions within 30 days of their submission, according to Ekarina Winarto grad.

“Moving forward, we hope that other assemblies will do the same to express a strong and united front in support of this petition,” Winarto said.

The Student Assembly, University Assembly and Faculty Senate will consider similar resolutions at their upcoming meetings, according to Prof. Edward Baptist, a media representative for the Cornell Coalition for Collaborative Democracy.

In statements published online, many of the University’s academic departments also affirmed solidarity with Cornellians “who are grappling with the sense that their lives have just become more vulnerable and insecure.”

“Teaching and researching [these] issues means recognizing, and never forgetting, the difficult and often precarious situations of people whose daily lives are the concrete expression of these issues,” the Asian American studies program wrote in a statement.

The Latin American studies program echoed this sentiment, adding that community support is especially vital for defending Cornellians threatened by a president who has repeatedly shown “contempt for a broad swath of the population in this country.”

The Africana studies and history departments, as well as the Latina/o studies programs, also stressed the importance of supporting marginalized students.

“Speak your truth and remember that many people across this nation, and around the world, share our discomfort,” the Latina/o studies program said. “We are not alone.”

Other departments — including history of art and visual studies, government and American studies — expressed broader concerns about “escalations in xenophobic, racist and sexist incidents” that have occurred after Trump’s election.

Such incidents “are often fueled by fake news, and a lack of critical engagement with the nation’s historical and contemporary realities,” the American studies program said.

The government department pledged to teach “about intolerance, but … not practice it.”

“We write about xenophobia and bigotry, but will not pretend they only exist elsewhere,” the department wrote. “We research racism, homophobia and misogyny, but will not permit them to pass unchallenged.”

  • Cu

    Interesting to see what this paper chose to caver today. There is no mention of the violent attack by a Muslim student at Ohio State. I guess that is not a relevant story at Cornell.

    Other papers who did cover the story, referenced a knife attack at U Cal Merced in Nov 2015 where an ISIS inspired student stabbed four people.

    The other papers cite specific ISIS proganda urging just the type of knife attacks carried out in these incidents.

    Nothing to see here people. Just move along. Don’t believe your lying eyes. The real threats are your local police officers (who are being hunted down and killed in record numbers) and Trump voters who are imagined to be in the process of organizing or inspiring a violent suppression of everyone except straight white males.

  • borris batanov

    “‘Escalations in xenophobic, racist and sexist incidents’ that have occurred after Trump’s election IS A LIE.

    There have been just as many attacks from wackos on the Left as the Right. For example, the internet is full of videos of Hispanics and blacks attacking whites and Trump supporters, yet not a word from CU.

    There is no such thing as the “alt right.”

    The Russians had nothing to do with the Presidential election.

    The vote recount is a scam mean to delegitimize the opposition.

    Progressives are grasping at straws and lying through their teeth, just as they did during the election. Democrats lost because they suck and because democracy works, in spite of the brainwashing of academia.

    Republicans swept the elections. They won the Presidency, seats in the Senate, seats in the House, governorships and local elections because Americans want a representational democracy.

    Americans are fed up with corruption, lies and rule by The Combine, which consists of Wall St., the big banks, & the conglomerate multinational corporations. These together own the political establishment, the media and academia.

    The CU administration, faculty and staff of CDS live in an affluent bubble of stupidity, arrogance, hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness.

    A change is going to come. We see you. We know you.

  • borris batanov

    PS. CU is part of the problem, not the solution. It is an elitist bloodsucker. Tuition and fees are exorbitant and have escalated all out of proportion to costs or inflation. Ivy League education is a scam.

    • Proud Alumnus

      College tuition around the country has risen proportionally. Cornell is not unique in this, and the Ivy League, as well as similar institutions, are still renowned and world class. Nothing has changed about that. Cornell is still an academic beacon of excellence in the world whether you like it or not.

      • bob young

        all college tuition and fees have risen well in excess of inflation for the past 30 years. so much for those affordable student loans, they just drive up the cost of college.

  • Politically Incorrect

    I look forward to the Trump administration cutting financial assistance and grants to universities that violate federal law.

    Want to be a “sanctuary” city? Sure, go ahead. No taxpayer money for you.
    Want to be a “sanctuary” campus? Go right ahead. You will pay for it.

  • Politically Incorrect

    “We research racism, homophobia and misogyny, but will not permit them to pass unchallenged.”**

    ** Except if practiced by Muslims, in which case we will attribute that to multiculturalism, and will openly invite the Jihadi crowd.

    • borris batanov

      Political correctness does not do away with hierarchies. It only inverts them.

      “Undocumented” is politically correct doublespeak for illegal alien, a criminal.

      Students should organize a walk-out and boycott of faculty who are imposing their politically correct beliefs in the classroom, instead of neutrally teaching the coursework that the students are paying through the nose for. THIS is the issue of today on campus. Get what you’re paying for.

  • bob young

    say what!