Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, addresses the Republican National Convention, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

Doug Mills / The New York Times

Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, addresses the Republican National Convention, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

March 13, 2017

Newt Gingrich to Speak to Cornell Community

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Cornell Republicans will be hosting Newt Gingrich (R-G.A.) — former Speaker of the House and former presidential candidate — in Call Auditorium on March 22.

Gingrich entered Congress in 1978 as the representative of Georgia’s 6th congressional district and has remained active in politics ever since. Recently, Gingrich was one of the most prominent figures in President Trump’s campaign in 2016 and is now expected to take an even more active role in the GOP-dominated Congress.

During the talk, Gingrich will address on his role in the recent presidential election and share his perspectives on the future of the GOP.

Olivia Corn ’19, chair of Cornell Republicans, said Gingrich was the best candidate to explain the confusion surrounding Trump’s presidency to the “liberal Cornell” community.

“We chose Newt Gingrich because we thought he’d be a really good person to come talk to the Cornell community about everything that’s happened with Donald Trump’s election,” Corn said. “We’ve been trying to explain [the confusion] to a lot of the community, so I think it’ll be very helpful to bring somebody who has worked closely with Donald Trump and somebody who’s going to work very closely with the GOP in the near future.”

In response to the active protest during their last speaker, Rick Santorum, the Cornell Republicans has coordinated with Cornell Police to ensure Gingrich’s safety, according to Corn.

“We are expecting a lot of protest,” Corn said. “That’s something we have prepared for and has worked with Cornell Police on, but hopefully it’ll be a respectful event and people won’t shout over the speaker like they did last time.”

The talk will be limited to 600 Cornell students on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students must show their ID before they can enter the auditorium.

  • DJT

    So much winning!

  • Current Student

    And will Corn again be cursing out the protestors who stay within CUPD’s ‘free speech zone’, like she did last time? It’s not just the ones “shout[ing] over the speaker” she seems to have trouble with.

  • Liz

    Even though I disagree with most of what they stand for, it is impressive that the Cornell Republicans bring such high-profile speakers to campus. The Cornell Democrats have not brought anyone of note during my time here.

  • LOL

  • Rob Carp

    I can’t wait for the “protestors” to do their “racist, sexist, anti-gay, Newt Gingrich, go away!” schtick. If Newt Gingrich is “anti-gay,” then so is Hillary Clinton, as he actually came out in favor of gay marriage before she did.

  • Student

    I think it’s fine if the Cornell Republicans want to bring Newt Gingrich in, I’m all about free speech, but I think it’s insulting to say that there is “confusion” to be cleared up surrounding Donald Trump’s election and presidency. I, and many students and faculty members, are not “confused.” Coming from a highly esteemed university we can assume many students and faculty are well-informed individuals, especially regarding politics. Anger and knowledge should not be mistaken for confusion.

    • DJT

      Except that many of the “well-informed” people are incapable of rational debate and rely on the good old “you’re a fucking white male” to shout opposing voices down.

    • Young Alum

      You’d be amazed by the amount of objectively false statements taken as presumptive facts among both students and professors. Echo chambers tend to get sloppy in their thinking, even if the members composing it are capable of much better.

    • Hank

      You seem to conflate knowledge with the garbage spewed every day by MSNBC or the reporters at CNN or the Washington Post. Moreover, it is your steadfast belief in the superiority of your own intelligence that blinds you to actual reality.

  • Hotelie Alum

    Newt Gingrich has been described as what a dumb guy thinks a smart guy sounds like. Students should attend and listen carefully to this history professor, who will try to describe the future by looking in the rear-view mirror. Gingrich has no relevant place in American politics anymore, and as long as he gets paid to talk will not admit it. His career was defined as being that of an ineffective blowhard. The future of the Republican Party features a large band of bigoted, narrow-minded ineffective blowhards.

    • borrisbatanov

      Am a Conservative and must say I agree with you.

      He’s also despicable and unethical. He married an older, married woman and then dumped her for a younger, single woman, for example.

      He’s one of the many who, when I see them on TV, I change channels.

    • Hank

      Your comment is reflective of what an actual dumb guy thinks.

  • borrisbatanov

    PS. American politics are truly democratic: “A large band of bigoted, narrow-minded ineffective blowhards” make up both parties.

  • Common sense

    How come Republicans and Conservative don’t protest like rabid dogs like the Liberal left? Think about that people? Who do you entrust to manage your 401K? The libs probably will donate your money to THEIR cause.

  • Common sense

    Does the crap on both sides occur at schools like MIT, Babson and RPI? you know .. schools that actually prepare students to have jobs rather than be protesters?

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  • Hank

    No doubt the shrieking hoards will be out in force. They won’t know why but they will be there. They will probably claim that they need to take the following day off because Newt’s presence was so upsetting to them.

    • Newt’s a joke and anybody that listens to him well is dumber than a bag of bricks. The guy has no more vision than the puppet Trump he serves. Cornell should figure out a way to harness all that hot air that’s going to come out of that blowhard’s mouth to heat the entire Tompkins County for the rest of the Winter. At least bring in a relevant Republican to speak. Like maybe Paul Ryan or John Kasich this is why Republicans are lame because of Yes Men like Newt who have no vision, no leadership, and are completely out of touch. Watching the custodians blow snow would be more of learning experience.

  • silver fox

    surprised your not shutting him down for being a fascist. I’m sure you will let antifa have at him.