The University Hearing Board on Wednesday night found that Mitch McBride '17 did not violate the Campus Code of Conduct by sharing internal working group documents with The Sun

Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor

The University Hearing Board on Wednesday night found that Mitch McBride '17 did not violate the Campus Code of Conduct by sharing internal working group documents with The Sun

April 19, 2017

Live Blog: Mitch McBride ’17 Before the University Hearing Board

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After five hours of arguments, witness testimony and deliberation, the University Hearing Board found on Wednesday night that Mitch McBride did not violate the Campus Code of Conduct when he shared internal working group documents with The Sun.

Read about the verdict: Hearing Board Clears Cornell Student Who Leaked Documents

Background: McBride ’17, Charged for Leaking Documents, To Face Hearing Board WednesdayFaculty Fears ‘Chilling Effect’ After Cornell Charges Student for Sharing Documents

  • Ockie Milkwood

    PS. That Ralph Lauren baseball cap is as good as an admission of guilt. String him up.

  • Free Mitch

    Wow that photo of him through the window – poignant.

  • Fire Barb

    Barb Knuth needs to be let go. Too bad Cornell probably wouldn’t fire an administrator for anything short of crimes against humanity.

  • Sixsmith

    Stop the hearing and make this point known immediately, anyone who is inside the room. This is a procedural error that requires urgent attention and demands for a retrial or Mr. McBride, or a mistrial and dropping of charges as defined by the Code of Conduct.

    The hearing needs to end and panelists need to retire and be replaced. Anyone who is inside the room reporting, raise the issue of the Code of Conduct, p. 32, section 4a.

    The public hearing violates the Code of Conduct unequivocally and someone needs to stop it before the identities and reputations of witnesses and UHRB panelists are released and possibly risked. Neither the JA nor the defendant has the right to call for a public hearing under the Code. The UHB Chair was negligent in allowing this to occur. Stop the hearing and raise this procedural point immediately.

    • CampusCodeOfConduct

      Page 28 – 29, Section (7):

      (7) All hearings shall be private unless (a) the accused notifies the Judicial Administrator, no later than two business days before the hearing, that he or she wishes a public hearing and (b) the Hearing Board Chair determines that a public hearing would not result in undue intimidation of the complainant, the victim, or the witnesses. In cases of sexual harassment, abuse, assault, or rape, all hearings shall be private, with the accused having no option of requesting a public hearing; and in such cases, if either the accused, the complainant, the victim, or the Judicial Administrator requests that the proceedings be conducted in a fashion such that the accused and the complainant or victim be separated or such that the intimidation of the complainant or victim be otherwise reduced, the Hearing Board Chair, after determining appropriateness, shall make suitable arrangements to accomplish this. In the event of a public hearing, the Hearing Board Chair shall convene it in quarters that accommodate a reasonable number of the public, but may limit the number in the interest of preserving the decorum and dignity of the proceedings. Witnesses shall be excluded from all hearings, except for the period of their questioning. Witnesses shall not see or hear other evidence presented at the hearing, such as any police report, except as the Hearing Board Chair determines to be appropriate. All deliberations by the Hearing Panel and Hearing Board Chair shall be private.

  • Call me Comrade!

    I doubt the OJA, to include Liang, actually believes what they are doing is enforcing the code of conduct. This is a massive Kangaroo Court, similar to all of the ones that occur for Sexual Assault cases. Another defenseless student, who luckily has the means to afford an attorney, is placed on this ridiculous sensationalized trial.

    First off, this goes against the spirit or honor that the code of conduct precludes and the OJA is so overwhelmingly punitive in its actions; that the rest of Cornell’s student body has officially been put on notice: If you attempt to exercise your free speech you will be censored, accused, tried, and punished!

    No doubt the administrative officials in charge of this embody the very essence of oppressive policies that SOME members like Knuth utilize to harass and intimidate others to further the agenda of profiteers.

    Second, the charges brought against Mitch rely entirely on the very legal definition of hearsay. I would hope that a University like Cornell and the members of the UHB are wise enough to see through the smear of lies and unprofessional behavior of the OJA.

    But who cares? Its not me on trial… yet…

  • A Regular Reader

    Thanks for the live updates. I appreciate your giving this hearing the Sun’s full attention.

  • Barb needs to go

    JUSTICE PREVAILED. This whole process has been an embarrassment to the Cornell Community. Barb Knuth should be forced to resign. PERIOD.

  • Alum

    In past years I sometimes wondered about the Sun, but current reporters such as Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Drew Musto do a great job. With this case, the Sun showed how important journalism can be.