April 14, 2016

Cornell Alpha Chi Omega Purchases Permanent House on Thurston Avenue

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p class=”p1″>The Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation purchased a new house for Cornell’s Zeta Phi chapter located at 210 Thurston Avenue. The North Campus home will open its doors in August 2017, according to a Tuesday press release.

The NHC was “motivated by the desire to provide Zeta Phi with a permanent home on the Cornell campus,” the release said.

The new house will have 28 bedrooms with bed spaces for 39 members, four living room floors, nine bathrooms, common-area spaces, a commercial kitchen and 15 parking spaces, according to the release.

NHC will also be able to invest in the chapter’s annual lease payments “where equity can be achieved and capital improvements made for the benefit of both the chapter and the NHC,” the release said.

The Cornell chapter will remain at the 509 Wyckoff Road property until the start of the 2017-2018 academic year.