BROWN grad

April 20, 2016

Cornellians Elect Graduate and Professional Student Trustee

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Dara Brown grad has been selected Cornell’s next student-elected trustee, earning 1,449 votes, according to the University office of assemblies. Only 12.26 percent of the student body participated in the election.

Brown will serve as the graduate and professional student trustee for two years, according to the Cornell Assemblies website.

Brown said she was “ecstatic and honored” to be elected to the Board of Trustees, attributing the strength of her platform to input from the student body.

“The Cornell community really pushed us as candidates to be fully informed on pressing issues and to prove our dedication to Cornell and its students,” she said.

In her term as student-elected trustee, Brown said she hopes to encourage the University to more seriously consider the effect of its policies on students.

“I look forward to putting our students’ voices first, despite the fiscal or political impact a decision may have,” she said.