April 25, 2016

STUDY BREAK | Easy Ways To Care For Our Planet

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Dalai Lama once said, “Compassion and happiness are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.” Showing compassion is one of the best ways to make the world a better place. All of us could put more thought into showing compassion for animals and the world around us. They are just as worthy, and the act just as important and rewarding. Here are a few easy ways to care for our planet.

  1. Recognize that we are all responsible for litter.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, it’s so easy to walk past trash discarded on the floor and pretend it’s not there. However, everyone must be acutely aware of our rapidly changing environment. We can see it all around us as we become increasingly urbanized. We see it, or rather don’t, as starry nights are replaced with a thick haze of pollution.

One simple way to show compassion for our planet is by picking up that bit of trash and depositing it in the nearest bin. Keeping the planet free from pollutants that can harm or kill wildlife is a small and loving step that benefits the world around you. It’s also compassionate to others and ourselves since millions of tax dollars are spent picking up trash each year.

2. Help stray animals.

Stray animals aren’t not less living beings just because they don’t have a home, the same way people living on the streets aren’t any less human because they too are homeless. It’s always best to contact local animal welfare agencies if you do see a wandering stray. Odds are, someone lost their pet and is starting to worry. If it is a stray, it may be scared, sick or injured, and needs your help. Resist the urge to shoo it away and go about your day. I’ve always felt that ignoring the random cat that wanders up to you meowing away is like ignoring a person who greets you with open arms. They don’t care if you haven’t shaved or are still in your pajamas. It’s great to see you. Just remember to approach cautiously so you don’t scare the animal or put yourself in danger.

3. Don’t squish the spider!

Some spiders can be dangerous to us. But most of the time we get scared simply because of how they look. Despite my fear of them, spiders are incredible creatures. They’re as diverse, skilled and creative as we are. They have families they provide for, and they play just as an important role in our ecosystem as every other insect in this world. In fact, they control the insect population. If you don’t love flies, killing spiders is highly counterproductive. We’re much larger than spiders are, so we don’t really have all that much to worry about–no matter how scary they appear.

We have a responsibility to take care of our home — a home that will also belong to our children and our children’s children. A bit of extra attention to our environment can change the planet. There are so many choices we can make to save the natural world. You could support a local charity through donations or volunteering. You could even take the plunge and go vegan. (It’s not that scary, honest.) Compassion and its benefits extend beyond consideration of human life. It’s one of our most defining qualities as human beings, and we have countless opportunities to express it to the world around us.